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elements and boiler components ( pg.13 )

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400616 heating element 3-group 4000w 220v 404580 heating element W4500 220v/380 401834 heating element 2-group 3500w 220v 400615 heating element 2-group 3000w 220v 400614 heating element 1-group 1800w 220v 408229 drain cup 524554 copper gasket 1/4 618968 boiler anti-vacuum valve 1/4 in bsp thread 700750 boiler anti-vacuum valve 1/4 inch bsp thread 524555 copper gasket 3/8 615624-A preset safety valve 3/8 inch bsp thread 615629 preset safety valve 3/8 inch bsp thread 616597 sirai pressurestat 1/4 inch bsp thread 3 pole 0.5 - 1.4 bar 406555 portofino manometer 400737 double manometer bar 401378-T heating element gasket teflon 33x40x3mm 401378 heating element gasket 33x40x3mm 401368 mythos heating element o-ring 401911 heating element 1350w 220v 405430 heating element cappuccino cy 1400w 220v 404995 heating element mythos 2-group 3200w 220v 400627 heating element super-maxi 2-group 2500w 220v 240mm 400613 heating element 1800w 220v 404392 boiler teflon gasket mythos 108x101x2 400826-T heating element teflon gasket 42x54x3mm 401978 2 pole thermostat 135 400819-T heating element teflon gasket 400819 black heating element gasket 400821-T boiler flange teflon gasket 400821 black boiler flange gasket
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