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Coffee Machine Cleaner

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Coffee Machine Cleaner

There are several areas of the coffee equipment and surrounding accessories that need to be kept clean for not only health reasons but optimal performance. Correct and regular cleaning can also increase the lifespan of the equipment and reduce running costs. These areas include:

The coffee machine group head, which a common question we get asked being, how to clean coffee machine group head? The answer is by back-flushing using a blind filter and coffee machine chemical cleaner in order to remove the coffee oils and residues in and around the group head shower screen. In busy cafes this process should be daily, while at home it might be fore common to do every 2-4 weeks.

The group head cleaning brush is used to clean the group head seal before and after back flushing the group head with coffee cleaner. By cleaning the seal, coffee grounds are removed and allow for a clean join between the filter basket in the portafilter and the group head seal, avoiding leaks, and further cleaning the coffee oils and residues.

Using the same coffee cleaner, you can also place the portafitlers in a bucket of hot water and the cleaner to clean the portafitlers and inside of the spouts. Generally speaking coffee cleaner is in a power format, however you can also get coffee machine cleaning tablets.

Next on the to do list is to descale the coffee machine. The frequency in which you need to descale will depend on many factors such as water quality (huge variance in water quality throughout Australia) and wether or not a water filter is being used. And which water filter is being used, as not all water filters are the same. Coffee machine descaler comes in both a powder and descale liquid form, and the hard part to answer is how to descale coffee machine. This will vary on the machine and the skill level, definitely not as easy as back flushing a group head.

These items form part of the espresso machine cleaning kit, which consists of espresso cleaner, coffee descaler, a group head brush and grinder brush as well as barista cloths. For us, keeping the machine clean is a key part of the baristas love and passion for coffee.