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Milk Jug Rinser and Spare Parts

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Milk Jug Rinser

Australia is a milk based coffee society, with work flow and hygiene are key factors in milk preparation and efficiency in cafes. The barista milk jug rinser is basically a plumbed cold water tap and barista sink setup which uses high pressure water to effectively rinse your milk jugs. This both conserves water and aids sanitary coffee preparation. Simply push the milk jug upside down on the rinser star for a few seconds, and it's done. The old milk is washed away and the jug is ready to use. Perfect for a busy, high volume environment.

By cleaning the milk jugs instantly after use, it doesn't allow bacteria to build or milk to harden. Importantly, it also helps in cooling the milk jugs, to allow fresh milk extra time during steaming to stretch and perfectly micro foam. So this not only helps keep the barista area and jugs clean, but also improves production of quality textured milk.

For cafes with limited space, it also reduces the amount of milk jugs needed, as jugs can be washed after each and every use, so different milks can be used in the same jug. And from an economical standpoint, faster more efficient workflow allows for a greater amount of coffee production and ultimately profits.

These milk jug cleaner are high speed, pressurised rinsing system for your jugs that can be adapted to almost any cafe. Pitcher rinsers are a great solution, and we carry a large range of brands from Coffee Parts, Tiamo, Rhino Ware and more, in different shapes and sizes. Milk pitchers rinser are the fastest way to clean your jugs and be ready to go again!