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Pour Over Filter Stands

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Pour Over Filter Stands

Pour over filter stands, or coffee dripper stands for those American readers, add functionality and ease to the art of filter coffee. The stands are used to hold your coffee dripper, Coffee Server and can be rested on either a Brewing Scale or your countertop.

Apart from awesome looks, the pour over stand allows for an easier clean up and workflow. This allows the barista to focus on being present during the filter process and focusing on the art of water flow with the right Kettle to control the perfect brew ratio.

Two of our favourite drip filter stands are the Hario aluminium Stands and the beautiful Kinto stands. Simply put, a brew stand won't really make a better brew and ultimately the perfect cup of filter coffee we dream of, but will simplify the brewing process.

What is pour over coffee?

The pour over technique is one of the most gentle and simple way to brew coffee. Generally, you pour hot water over freshly ground beans that sit inside a filter. From here the water slowly extracts into the mug or serving glass below and you have yourself a beautiful cup of coffee!

How do I do a pour over coffee?


  • Brew Ratio: 1:15
  • Coffee: 25g grams
  • Grind coffee: Medium Coarse
  • Water: 375ml at 94 Degrees Celsius
  • Brewer: v60
  • Filter: v60 Filter Paper
  • Filter prep: Rinsed with hot water


  • Insert filter and rinse with hot water to remove paper residue and pre-heat vessel.
  • Place the Brewer on the Server or Mug.
  • Add 25g of medium ground coffee to Brewer and shake to settle.
  • Place Server and Brewer on scale and zero.
  • Start timer.
  • Add 75g of water. Allow to bloom then gently stir to evenly saturate.
  • Allow 30 seconds to brew.
  • Gradually pour the remaining 300g water in circular motions.
  • Ideal total brew time of 2:30-3 min.
  • Serve into a pre-warmed cup
  • Enjoy your coffee!