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BodyBrew Cold Brew Coffee Maker

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BodyBrew Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Cold Brew Coffee in Australia is gaining rapidly in popularity, and cold brew coffee makers and drip coffee makers becoming a growing segment in our range of portable coffee makers. This can be attributed to our hot summers and new found love for everything coffee, especially iced coffee. We get asked constantly how to make cold brew coffee and once people realise just how easy it is, cold brew becomes part of their daily routine. This is in part as cold brew coffee is easy to brew and store.

With the BodyBrew every part of the BOD's modular design has a purpose which we love. The Brew Chamber and Extract Chamber look beautiful together and independently, they're compact and highly functional. This all-in-one device is made of three primary parts: the brew chamber, the extract chamber, and the micro-mesh stainless steel filter. To make up to 700ml of cold brew concentrate, simply put coffee grounds in the steel filter, add cold water, allow the coffee to brew for 12-24 hours, then flip the device over. The rich, creamy cold coffee concentrate will filter into the extract chamber making cold brew coffee at home super easy!