Third Wave Water

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Third Wave Water Capsules

Third Wave Water creates the optimum water for brewing coffee. The capsules are compliant with The Specialty Coffee Association’s (SCA) guidelines for optimum brewing water. The capsule contains the perfect amount of calcium, magnesium and sodium that will take a gallon of de-mineralized water and turn it into the best water possible for your favorite coffee beans. Just add the mineral packet to either reverse osmosis or distilled water for best results.

We recommend using the Classic Formula for manual brewing, and the Espresso Formula (which contains additional bicarbonates) for espresso machines, pod machines, and auto drip. Designed to exactly match the SCA water quality standards, the minerals in these packets ensure you have perfect water for making coffee every time, simply add the contents of a capsule to a 4 litres of distilled or reverse osmosis water, shake to dissolve, and you're ready to brew!

Not only will your coffee be more consistently delicious, but your coffee makers will love it too. This water won’t clog up your brewers like most local water supplies will, extending the life of your favorite gear for years.