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Coffee Plungers, Coffee Press and French Press

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Coffee Plungers, Coffee Press and French Press

Plunger coffee makers and french press coffee makers are understated and simple device for making coffee at home, work, or even out camping as they are very portable coffee makers. Essentially, a coffee plunger or french press consists of a cylindrical glass or stainless steel pot and a plunger with a filter screen. Brewing a cup of coffee is super easy and convenient and it requires only water and some ground coffee. As with filter coffee, plunger coffee brewing reveals the delicate taste nuances in some coffees that espresso brewing may overpower. This way it is possible to prepare a great coffee with minimum effort, especially as most units are easy to clean and dishwasher safe. Aeropress have famously perfected the art of a cheap coffee press to the point where it has become a cult classic and a recognised term in the speciality coffee world.

The main secret to making good coffee, when using this a coffee plunger or press, is having the right blend, ground coffee beans and hot water. Like all coffee brewing methods, freshly ground beans are crucial and for plunger or french press the recommended grinder is considered a medium grind. The reasoning is that coffee that is too coarsely ground can clog the filter, while coffee that is too finely ground passes through the filter, and the may get into the final cup. Getting the right grind, especially for coffee at home, is always challenging at first. The net is flooded with brewing guides so with some practice anyone can master this.

This is a very tradition way of brewing coffee, which has stayed relevant over the years and a great alternative in simplicity to instant coffee. Moving away from cheap coffee plunger, there has been a lot of evolution in coffee plungers, with companies like Espro Coffee working on beautifully crafted double walled stainless steel coffee plunger with super filters.