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Pour Over and Filter Coffee

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Pour Over and Filter Coffee

Pour Over Filter coffee is one of the gentlest ways to brew coffee. Pour over is one of the preferred methods of brewing, as this brewing process provides the most clarity of flavour. A coffee pour over kit generally consists of a manual brew dripper and filter papers, gooseneck kettle, coffee scale, coffee grinder and your favourite beans!

Due to the relatively low cost to purchase the equipment used in filter brewing, pour over is the perfect home setup especially if you are on a budget. Also, it's our favourite of the alternative brewing method.

Two of the best pour over coffee dripper on the market are the Japanese Hario v60 and Kalita Wave, although there are a host of brand with drippers to match. Lately we are seeing evolutions of the drippers with flow control and increased temperature stability coming out like the December Dripper. Another all time cult classic is the Chemex brewer which has been acclaimed as both an excellent coffeemaker and a work of art.

Filter coffee machine are becoming increasingly popular as batch brew coffee becomes a thing across Australian cafes. The rockstars here batch brewers here are the Moccamaster and Ratio Brewers. You see filter or “drip” is the default coffee across America. The Moccamaster classic produces one of my favourite cups of coffee and looks beautiful on the kitchen bench.

Most Americans have a coffee machine at home or at work, and would not dare start their day without having that first cup of Joe. However, here in Australia we have been such a milk based espresso culture that drip or filter coffee has been kept on the sideline until now.