COFFEE MOMENTS IN A TIME OF COVID19 and remember we are all in this together WAREHOUSE STATUS: OPEN


"Coffee Moments"

The world is a global village and a village that is suffering right now, with the exponential spread of Covid19. And Coffee Parts is no different, with suppliers and customers globally, especially in Italy, our heart has bled with empathy.

Empathy for all the nurses and doctors who are the real miracle workers here, scientists working day and night, cleaners, delivery drivers and everyone else working together to bring normality back during these times.

We love coffee, and the thought of not being able to share our love with the world brings a tear to our eye. We will continue to operate the warehouse, to be able to bring the love of coffee and maybe even a smile to all those working to bring normality back to the world, to all those at home practicing safe distancing to help reduce the spread, to all those who just need a coffee moment, to all those that share our dreams.

We wish the best of health to you and your loved ones. Let's look after each other… We are all in this together, and we're here for you if you need a little "coffee-moment".

Stay safe, keep healthy and look after the elderly!

Love Pedro

   Warehouse Status: OPEN   

Covid19 Update 26.3.20

Due to unprecedented demand in our products, we will be reducing team members answering our phone lines and live chat to focus on processing existing orders. Our priority now is to ensure that all orders are shipped and will be requiring all efforts from our team in order to do so. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Online Store

The online store will be open ensuring home deliveries are available to our coffee lovers. Stock availability will be shown on the product page, as well as the shopping cart and checkout pages. If for any reason we need to stop dispatch at our warehouse due to a government-imposed lock-down, our offsite (ie work from home) administration team will refund all orders not sent within 48 hours.

Showroom & Click and Collect Pickup

On 16.03.2020 we decided to close our showroom to further protect the health of our coffee lovers and staff. This was well before any government instructions as health is a core value for us so morally this was a no brainer for us.. Any existing pick-ups will require approval with our customer service team member.

Stock Situation

Due to delays with production and restrictions to stock movement, we'll be experiencing stock shortages for certain items, however, stock availability will be shown on the product page, as well as the shopping cart and checkout pages. Your patience is greatly appreciated as there may be delays to home deliveries due to the current circumstances.

We are all in this together

Most importantly, let's look after one another, this is a time for love and empathy. Help that eldery neighbour, be awesome, be that rockstar you are!