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Rocket Home Coffee Machines

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Rocket Appartamento, Giotto, Mozzafiato, R58 and R60v Coffee Machines

We completely love the Rocket Espresso range of Coffee Machines. Their domestic home coffee machine line up really allows Rocket as a brand really to own home espresso in the 2-6k price range, with a home coffee machines that just rock! The range starts with a compact vibration pump e61 group head heat exchange Rocket Appartamento and is closely followed by the iconic Giotto and Mozzafiato. Then moving into the rotary pump e61 group head dual boiler machine you have the Rocket R58 and then the range is currently topped by the pressure profiling R60V.

Rocket coffee machines not only look and are finished beautifully, they are well thought of and designed to have a modern heart inside a traditional looking yet simple exterior. They have worked hard to keep flashy digital displays away from visible sight in order for the machine to be at one with the barista, allowing the barista to be present in the beautiful moment that is making espresso coffee.

On visits to the Rocket Espresso factory in Milan Italy, we completely feel in love and understood the why behind Rocket when speaking to the owner company owner Andew. Their passion and ethical approach, combined with an unparalleled level of bench testing, explains why Rocket is one of the best selling premium home espresso machine brands in Australia.