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Home Green Bean Coffee Roasters

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Coffee in Australia has become an obsession, and as the coffee scene develops it is becoming increasing popular for baristas and coffee lovers to want to understand the whole coffee process from farming to roasting process and ultimately coffee in a cup. This has lead to an increase in coffee bean roaster being offered as smaller portable units to roast your own coffee.

This has allowed for cafes to have sample coffee roasters in which they roast their single origin green beans, while still maintaining their house blend from commercial coffee roasteries. This has the benefit of the freshest coffee for their signature single origins usually served as black coffee. Small batch sample roasting also adds to the coffee education piece both within the team and the cafe and out to the customers.

The home world has followed suit, with many passionate baristas now wanting to increase their coffee knowledge and become involved with the the whole coffee process. Many coffee forums have now popped up, with conversation around home coffee roasting becoming super popular. This has been aided by companies such as Genecafe, Kaffelogic and Aillio releasing affordable sample roasters.

The Genecafe CBR-101 and Kaffelogic Nano 7 have made it affordable and easy to roast small batch coffee at home, while the Aillio Bullet has extended the capacity to 1kg batch size making it a perfect blend between small batch and commercial roast levels.

The Aillio Bullet r1v2 can be paired up with professional roasting software such as cropster, meaning the gap between home and professional roasters has narrowed. Many professional roasteries have bought Aillio Bullets to be able to test sample roasts and educate their team on the perfect cup of coffee.

The home roaster is here to stay, with many now craving a fresh roast daily.