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Filter Baskets for Coffee Machines

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Which filter basket?

Filter baskets are a simple yet crucial part of the espresso machine. Baristas often spend hours trying to work out the ideal basket for their machine, coffee and choice of espresso based beverage. Although it is common to differentiate baskets based on capacity, this generally causes confusion, as basket capacity will vary depending on many factors such a roast profile, grind settings, dosing and tamping style, and machine setup. As such a 14 gram basket can vary from 14 to 21 grams depending on these factors. Basket and tamper size are also correlated, with some baskets guaranteeing the variance in basket size between baskets. Grade and stainless thickness, hole sizes and weather to have a ridge in the basket or not have also become topics of discussion, and some baskets now will come with greater choices. There is no one perfect basket, and choice will depend on a case by case basis.