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Coffee Parts Service Bar

Saving the world from landfill one machine at a time...

Why a workshop? Well, the Coffee Parts workshop started for as a place for us to bench test the machines we sell, restore the machines love and build the machine we dream off. Over the last 15 years the workshop has been relegated to corners of the warehouse due to Coffee Parts requiring so much space, however this year we decided the workshop needed a warehouse of it's own, and full time technicians. This has been headed up by Pedro Lara's life long friend and veteran technician Harry who has taken the role of head technician. The workshop was built originally to bench-test and calibrate the machines we sell, as well as covering any warranty issues that may arise. We have now opened it to servicing the machines in a bid to reduce as many machines from landfill as possible.


Why not make your coffee machine your centrepiece

We love design, and we love espresso machines. Parts are our life, and espresso is our drug of choice. Stainless boxes are boring. We build unique machines, with the aim for no two custom machines to ever leave our warehouse identical. With the choices in materials and finishes, we are only limited by creativity and imagination, and that we have!

Nik from Metropole at QVB Sydney

"I went into Coffee Parts wanting two new La Marzocco's. I left with two masterpieces! It's hard not to get inspired by the machines Pedro has built, mine were simple compared to others he built, but in saying that the reaction from customers has been incredible." Nik Kalis



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