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Baratza Filter and Espresso Grinders

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Baratza Filter and Espresso Grinders

The Baratza home coffee grinder range have become known as some of the best come coffee grinders for their price, and are perfect for those looking for a small coffee grinder. They are now considered at the forefront of home coffee grinding innovation. Before they entered the scene, you'd be hard pressed to find an affordable burr grinder, yet now both home baristas and cafes have options from which to choose from.

It's cheap coffee grinder status has allowed the Baratza Encore has become popular among the filter coffee scene, with it commonly being used for both Aeropress Coffee and also paired up with Moccomasters or pour over sets for filter coffee. And the Baratza Sette in both the 270 and 270W is a versatile home grinder allowing for both filter and can go fine enough for espresso.