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Aillio Home Coffee Roaster

Aillio is quickly becoming known among coffee lovers for its Bullet R1 coffee roaster which is becoming an icon with the home coffee roaster scene. This beautiful drum roaster with smoke suppression technology and temperature controls has been well thought of, designed and built to solve the issue of roasting small batches of 1kg across home, cafe and roaster environments. Originally launched of the back of Kickstarter, it has now risen to have its own momentum and awesome reviews as the "best home coffee roaster" reviews.

Aillio also aim is to build distinctive and exclusive range of barista accessories and in the process solving common problems in the coffee brewing and roasting worlds. They have started with a coffee tamper, tamp mat and a coffee knock box. They aim in time to cover all barista supplies.

Aillio is designing beautifully designed home coffee roaster machines and barista tools for beautiful cafe and home environments. And we are excited about their future!