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Bruer Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Cold drip coffee makers and drip coffee makers becoming a growing segment in our range of portable coffee makers as Cold Brew Coffee in Australia become a fashionable drink. This can be attributed to our hot summers and new found love for everything coffee, especially iced coffee. We get asked constantly how to make cold brew coffee and once people realise just how easy it is, cold brew becomes part of their daily routine. This is in part as cold brew coffee is easy to brew and store especially with the Bruer cold drip.

The Bruer cold brew system is based on a slow drip cold coffee method, once only found in select speciality coffee shops, is known for producing a less acidic, less bitter cup with exceptional complexity. Drip by drip the Bruer Cold Coffee System's slow hypnotic process unmasks the natural sweetness, and full-bodied origin flavours of any coffee you brew. The slow cold drip coffee method offers amazing flavour clarity, a clean cup, simple set-up, and easy clean up all without the risk of over extraction. This makes the cold Bruer an awesome addition to any home, office or speciality cafe this summer.

What is Cold Brew? Brewed with cold water over the course of several hours. Cold Brew methods extract different components from the beans lowering the acidity and bitterness while unmasking the smooth, naturally sweet, complex origin flavours of your favourite coffee.