SSP Speciality Grinder Blades

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SSP Speciality Grinder Burrs/Blades

SSP Grinding Solutions, founded in 1991, is a manufacturer of high-quality burrs and offers a complete line of flat burrs for your unique coffee grinding needs. Their unique burr sets even include a special Tungsten Carbide burr set designed to make a smooth cup of coffee.

They are focused on making high quality burrs to fit your specialized coffee grinding needs. SSP’s Tungsten Carbide burr set designed to take the edge off your coffee to bring out the true flavour.

SSP make their burrs at our own facilities in the United States and grind every to perfection, ensuring uniformity and consistency. We’re proud of their Tungsten Carbide burr set being the finest set on the market.

Burr design is the most crucial element in a home or café grinder. We believe that a high-quality grind can be achieved with superior equipment and an experienced user. That’s why we endorse SSP’s burrs made from tungsten carbide to withstand many years of use.