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Flair Espresso Maker the Manual Espresso Machine

Ever wanted to brew a shot of espresso without waiting 30 minutes for your coffee machine to heat up? We've got a solution to getting you a high quality coffee without the expense of your typical espresso machine. Introducing the famous flair espresso maker. This manual espresso machine is well known for its rich, full bodied cup of espresso.

The flair espresso maker finds a unique entry into the highly populated world of espresso. As we know, most espresso machines are known to require electricity and steam to do the work. The Flair uses pure human strength, mechanical power to brew your coffee. Now that’s a little unique isn’t it.

This manual coffee maker is designed with stainless steel and aluminum making for one study and long lasting design. The flair espresso maker relies on an amount of pressure upon the lever to create enough hydraulic power for extraction.

These manual machines rely on the downwards force to create pressure and push hot water from the reservoir through the coffee basket to extract the rich flavours within the coffee grounds. The beauty of the flair espresso maker is that no electricity is required for it's brewing which makes travelling so much easier.

Simply detach the brewing head and preheat with hot water. Fill the basket with freshly ground coffee and tamp. Reattach the head, fill reservoir with hot water and press downwards on the handle. You'll have your espresso shot within 30-40 seconds.

Since it does not require electricity, the flair becomes the optimal travelling device for espresso lovers. It can be disassembled into its travel case which will fit in your suitcase without taking up too much space.

No disposable pods are not required for brewing which means it only needs your freshly ground beans! One environmentally friendly brewer for once. This simple espresso maker is capable of generating up to 16 bars of pressure which is getting closer to your commercial grade espresso machines.

The flair is highly compact and has a detachable brewing head, perfect for those trips away. All you need is your flair, some hot water and fresh coffee beans of your choice.

Have an espresso anywhere, anytime. We are excited to say we stock a wide range of flair espresso makers and their accessories. Order your flair today!

How do I make a flair espresso?

  • Detach the brewing head and preheat with boiling water.
  • Fill the filter basket with freshly ground coffee and tamp evenly.
  • Reattach the head, fill the reservoir with hot water, and push down on the handle
  • After 25-45 seconds, enjoy your full-flavored espresso shot.

Why the Flair Espresso Maker?

Rich, Creamy and Fully Espresso Every time - Brew 1-2 shots of tasty, balanced espresso, regardless of you experience level.

16 Bars of Pressure - Generates the appropriate amount of pressure needed for an authentic espresso.

Detachable Brewing Head – Making cleaning, storage, and transportation easier than ever.

Built to Last – Built from durable stainless steel and aluminium for years of service.

No Electricity Required - Liberates you from the boundaries of electricity with your espresso.

Carrying Case Included - Take tasty espresso’s everywhere you go.