Espazzola Revolutionary Coffee Brushes

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Espazzola the must have coffee cleaning tools

Depending on your current cleaning routine chances are you’re currently using a pallo coffee tool, cafelat brush or something of a similar style for your group head. From my experience there is nothing wrong with these tools, but they are a bit outdated.

We all know how messy cleaning the group head can be, especially if you’re trying to squeeze it in-between service. Not to mention the bonus burns from running hot water, how lucky can you be!

So what's the solution? Well fortunately for us, it’s the Espazzola. If you’ve had the opportunity of using one of these, you'll know how great this tool is.

The Espazzola is a group head brush that locks into the group head in the same way a portafilter would lock in. Once locked in the silicon brushes force their way into all the crevasses around the group head. When you dispense water into the group head as per usual, the Espazzola will direct the flow of water evenly throughout the group. Wiggling the handle in a backwards and forwards motion works to direct water to the gasket whilst simultaneously giving the shower screen a thorough scrub.

The best part about it all is the minimal mess from cleaning, the water leaves the group head via a single spout which is aimed directly into the drip tray. You can forget about those scalds you’re used to also, no more flicking hot water everywhere. For the high volume cafe, this will help significantly in between service.

Without the need for chemicals and several flushes to ensure chemical residue isn’t hanging around, the Espazzola works its magic in no time. Quite realistically you could give the group head a clean in sub 30 seconds, which is a massive sell point.