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As the Australian coffee environment develops and attracts a larger crowd, there has been increased popularity to understand the entire coffee process. This encompasses all stages from farming to the final espresso. This has led to an increase in coffee bean roaster being offered as smaller portable units to roast your own coffee.

As non-commercial sized coffee roaster machines become available, cafes can maintain their high volume orders from commercial roasters and also complete unique roasts with single origin beans. Each cafe can test different roasting times for results such as light roasts or darker roasts. This has the benefit of the freshest coffee for their signature single origins usually served as black coffee. Small batch sample roasting also adds to the coffee education piece both within the team and the cafe and out to the customers.

Home coffee lovers have also followed suit with many passionate baristas now wanting to increase their coffee knowledge. Many coffee forums have now popped up, with conversation around home coffee roasting becoming super popular. This has been aided by companies such as Gene Cafe, Kaffelogic and Aillio releasing affordable sample roasters.

Previously coffee roasting was left for the professionals, now we see this trend being picked up by the specialty coffee world. A typical example would include unique cafe calling their highest turnover beans the "house-blend" and a lower volume roast would include unique single origin beans.

These specialty coffee shops see the benefit roasting ‘in house’ as an opportunity to create an environment which provides an experience to the customer. There is a wide range of benefits that accompany in house roasting. These include the freshly roasted coffee aromas and the implicit knowledge that your staff will gain due to their proximity to the roasting process.

The Gene Cafe CBR-101 and Kaffelogic Nano 7 have made an affordable and easy to roast small batch coffee at home. While the Aillio Bullet has extended to a large capacity of 1kg batch size making it a perfect blend between small batch and Commercial roast levels.

The Aillio Bullet r1v2 can be paired up with professional roasting software such as cropster, meaning the gap between home and professional roasters has narrowed. The software allows users to track temperature changes in the roasting chamber for a highly controlled roast of anywhere between light and dark roasts. Many professional roasteries have bought Aillio Bullets to be able to test sample roasts and educate their team on the perfect cup for coffee drinkers.

The home roaster is here to stay, with many now craving a fresh roast daily.

We have made it easy for those of you looking to upgrade or start your home coffee setup. There are six sub categories to look into when upgrading; Home Machines, Automatic Coffee Machines, Brewers, Packages, Grinders and Roasters.

Now maybe you have looked into these categories and they don’t suit your needs? Maybe you are looking for something a more commercial to start up or upgrade with. In this case, look into our Commercial side of things. Our categories here cover Commercial Machines, Brewers, Steam Units, Automatic Tampers and Commercial Grinders.

Whoever you are, whatever your needs, Coffee Parts have you covered. Make sure you check out alterntive ways of brewing through our Manual Brew Page and of course check out our range of high quality and fantastic Accessories.

What makes the Aillio Bullet R1 V2 Coffee Roaster a good roaster?

The Aillio Bullet R1 V2 combines sophistication and simplicity into the coffee roasting process. Variety of control measures allow users to choose between using the touchpad or for a more specific result, attaching a laptop to allow for precise control of power, airflow and drum speed.

Not only does the Bullet allow more control, but it also has a patented heat induction system which makes it far more sensitive than other conventional electric roasters. By removing the requirement to heat an element, The Bullet minimises energy wastage whilst increases responsiveness to a temperature change.

The Bullet R1 introduces an infrared bean temperature sensor which monitors the temperature of beans in real time, throughout the roasting process and is unaffected by batch size. This small breakthrough in roasting technology will increase the reliability and consistency of roasted beans, which means there will be differing tastes even when roasting with the same settings.

We believe that the design and ability of the Aillio Bullet R1 V2 roaster makes a perfect product for at home or small café coffee roasting.Aillio's mission has always been to create the world’s best coffee roaster, and they believe they have done it, and so do we.

Do I really need a coffee roasting machine?

There are two categories of users that we would prescribe a roaster for roasting coffee beans. Either a small café, or a at home coffee fanatic.

Now the reason for this is simply volume of coffee beans required. In our experience, those who turn over a large volume of coffee will most likely benefit from outsourcing coffee bean roaster.

For those of you who aren’t interested in roasting large quantities of coffee and love the coffee process, roasting could be for you. Whether you wish to be more in touch with the brewing process or your cafe wishes to roast unique sample blends, a coffee roasting machine may be for you.