Rancilio Silvia Home Coffee Machine

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Rancilio Silvia Home Coffee Machine Legend

The Rancilio Silvia has had a cult following for many years, and is the hero coffee machine in the under 1k space. For value for money, Rancilio Silvia really do own this segment of the home coffee machine market.

The Rancilio coffee machine is the most popular entry level home coffee machine we sell, and has been the starting machine for many of our customers.

Manual machines are our speciality, and by manual we refer to cafe style machines with group heads. These machines in many ways are a commercial coffee machine in a home espresso machine size which take up less bench space and consume less power.

The Rancilio Silvia is a single boiler machine, meaning you can't do coffee and steam at the same time. And this can be frustrating. Yet, the coffee it produces it awesome for a machine of this price point, so this little inconvenience is out-weight but its espresso capabilities.

Compared to our higher end machines this little Silvia is a little more work too. The beauty in this is however, once you master the Silvia you are you way to becoming a rockstar barista on all coffee machines.

For all its faults, it also has an insane level of beauty, and for this reason this coffee machine has become a coffee industry cult classic and considered on of the best home machines in reviews. We have been able to choose the hero lineup based on love and not market pressures, and this Rancilio Silvia is our favourite machine under 1k.

When we visited the Rancilio factory in Milan Italy, we quickly realised why the Rancilio brand is just so reliable. The Rancilio factory was just spotless, with the production and testing of all machines heavily automated and data points recorded constantly.

This level of organisation was completely impressive and rare for the coffee industry. And for this reason we have a soft spot for this little legend. Pair it with an awesome grinder and you have a cafe setup at home!