Tea Bar and Tea Brewing Accessories

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Teapot, electric kettles and all you Tea brewing essentials!

If you need a break from coffee or if it's just not for you, we've got a line up of all the tea brewing essentials and must haves for your tea collection! We stock a wide range of tea kettles, traveler tumblers and much more!

Our teapot range covers glass teapots and our all time favourites, the cast iron teapot! The black hobnail teapot is unique in design and if your clumsy like me, you'll never have to worry about it breaking if you drop it. The cast iron design is perfect for durability but the real bonus is it's ability to keep your tea warm for extended periods of time. Our Kinto range of glass teapots are beautiful, extremely minimal but allow you to view the extraction of those gorgeous herbal tea leaves.

We always recommend combining the best of our tea brewing range with one of our amazing kettles to create more memorable moments. We have a wide range of tea kettles and Gooseneck Kettle for your brewing experience.

There's not always a time when we can slow down, sit with a nice cup of tea and relax. So travel tumblers and flasks are essential items in your busy life, Fressko and Kinto have well designed, aesthetic and ergonomic travel tumblers to make sure your tea stays hot.

Fressko's flasks are built with a 'brew as you go' a built in infuser for you to place your tea leaves, fruit or even coffee! Throw a few ice cubes in and turn it into an iced tea! The kinto travel tumbler works to keep your beverages hot! There's no filter basket to brew on the go but being constructed completely from stainless steel the heat retention is second to none.

Whether you drink tea or coffee, we always recommend pairing your beverage with a beautiful Mug. We have a large range of mugs and cups from brands such as Huskee, Kinto, Fellow, Hario and Acme-and-co.

What style of alternative brewing do you enjoy the most? We’ve got all your brewing styles down pat whether you prefer black coffee like an Aeropress, Syphon, Batch Brew, French press, Chemex, Pour Over, Moka Pot or something a little cooler like a Cold Brew / cold drip! If you prefer more of a milk based beverage (absolutely) you might pair your Portable Coffee with a manual Milk Frother from our range to get you that delicious creamy morning brew! Now of course we have everything you need to make your coffee experience the best it can be including, Coffee Scales , Pour Over Stands, Filters , Manual Grinders, Gooseneck Kettles, Coffee Servers and Cupping Tools and Coffee Cups if you’re into some taste testing! For our non- coffee drinkers we have a wide variety of Tea Gear which you’ll love! Happy brewing!

What’s the best teapot?

You'll need to take into account, heat retention, volume and other variables like colour and design. Stainless steel teapots usually have the best heat retention, cast iron are almost indestructible and glass are beautiful for your bench space when brewing.

What is the difference between a tea kettle and gooseneck kettle?

Standard tea kettles usually have a short spout. The standard kettle is designed to get boiling water from point A to point B in a rapid manner. Kettles such as the Clyde stovetop Fellow corvo electric are absolutely reliable appliances for your home. The gooseneck kettles are designed for not just their aesthetic look but rather their ability to control the flow of boiling water you wish to pour. The gooseneck is rather small in circumference and has a sharp spout which allows optimal control over the direction of your pour and also its flow rate. Usually used for coffee pour over when manual brewing but can be multi-purposed as it is a beautiful addition to your collection

What is a travel tumbler?

A travel tumbler is basically your reusable cup. Travel tumblers usually have a higher volume than your typical 'keep cup'. Perfect for higher volume beverages such as filter / drip coffee or tea! Usually designed and built with dual wall stainless steel which is known for heat retention, keeping your brews hot until the very last sip! Check out our Huskee range!

How do i make the perfect cup of tea?

Black Tea: One teaspoon of tea per 200 ml, Use water at 95°C of just below the point of boiling. Steep the tea for roughly 2-3 minutes. Optionally add a splash of milk and sugar or a touch of honey.

Green Tea: One teaspoon of tea per 200ml. Use water that’s 70-80°C, one part cold water three parts hot water. Steep tea for approximately 1-3 minutes!

Matcha: One teaspoon of matcha powder to your cup, add 50ml of hot water at 80°C. Surpassing 80°C will burn the tea, you’ll recognise a bitter taste if this is the case. Whisk the matcha with a bamboo paddle or fork until smooth. Add cinnamon, honey or a splash of your favourite milk!