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Comandante Coffee Grinders

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The Comandante Coffee Hand Grinder

The Comandante grinder is the ultimate hand coffee grinder for the true outdoorsman. Electricity is usually required when it comes to grinding up some fresh beans for your morning brew. Manual brewing has become incredibly popular within in the coffee industry, this is where the Comandante comes in.

The comandante grinder requires a little elbow grease but it delivers a precise and uniform grind for almost any brewing style. Hand coffee grinder with no reliance on power, this makes the comandante grinder perfect for travelling on being on the go!

Depending on your brewing method, you can actively adjust the dial at the base of the hand grinder. It has the ability to grind for espresso all the way through to french press.

This hand coffee grinder is perfect for those who love the outdoors and coffee is a MUST in their lifestyle. This device has been intricately designed in Germany which has developed a reputation for its unique quality and performance. When buying a hand grinder for travelling, you want to rest knowing that your coffee grinder is designed to be tough and meant to last. This is no problem for the Comandante.

To give you greater control of your grind, the Comandante has a clear cover. You can see immediately if your grind is coarse or fine; this gives you a chance to correct your grind in real-time instead of trying to blindly estimate your grinding or having to open the lid to check on your coffee grounds every so often. Which is a perfect feature compared to other hand grinders.

Order your Comandante today and experience the benefits it can give you.