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When we are preparing any of our favourite espresso based coffees, the us of a coffee tamper is required. Ground coffee is dumped into the filter basket and these coffee grounds end up loosely piled up. Tamping is the process that compresses these fine particles together removing all the empty space and creating a dry dense puck ready for extracting. Once shot is commenced, the pressurised group head allows hot water to force its way through the grounds allowing it to rapidly extract sugars, oils and other compounds. The shot is complete and you can now dispose of your spent coffee grounds in your knock box.

The idea is that by providing a level, well distributed and evenly compacted tamp that it will allow the water to flow evenly through the beans and extract perfectly. Now we know water can be a bit of a coward and get lazy, it travels wherever is easiest. This can occur if there is too much space or empty voids within the grounds, you guessed it, this is where you will find the majority of your water distribution.

This is commonly termed as ‘channelling’ which is the result of pressurised water travelling through paths of least resistance, essentially an ineffective extraction process. You’ll find yourself with an over extraction of some grounds, where the water channels and a total under extraction of the remainder of grounds, where it remains almost untouched. This is why baristas use Distribution tools.

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So WHY automatic tamping you ask?

Besides from being one of the best coffee Accessories paired with your coffee machine, it makes life incredibly easier. Speed, efficiency and consistency are undoubtedly essential factors required for a busy cafe to run smoothly. As we discussed earlier, there are so many variables left for the baristas to complete in order for the perfect cup to be brewed. Essentially it's the barista's skill set that plays a big part in the success of your cafe. With the industry evolving more towards automation for consistency it’s vital we shift our focus towards creativity, craftsmanship and our customers.

Why introduce automation into my coffee process?

Well apart from significantly increasing consistency when tamping, automatic tampers additionally establishes a huge reduction in risk for overuse injuries. Tamping has been identified as one of the most strenuous tasks performed by baristas. This due to relative high force and repetition as well as the awkward spine and upper limb posture.

As far as statistics are concerned, as far as 75% of a baristas workday is spent preparing espresso based beverages. I’d have to say, to me, that sounds like one sore arm. With hundreds of shots being pulled a day in busy cafes, it’s time we look at the long term consequences of this repetition on your staff’s physical performance.

Automatic tamping has nailed efficient workflow. When we think about the awkward position you need to manoeuvre yourself into when tamping, not to mention the amount of room behind the counter needed to get into this position. Adding two, three or four staff in a small workspace, it’s not long before you’re feeling like a contortionist.

Speed is a massive selling point when we discuss automatic tamping. Most machines can tamp multiple times in under 2 to 3 seconds which means your Portafilter is already locked into your machine in under 4 seconds with minimal effort.

If you're forever trying to find highly skilled barista’s to staff your cafe we have an idea. Chances are you’re looking for someone who remains consistent for hours at a time with high volume? Yep, you can see where this is going.

If you can reduce the variables performed by the barista that are essential to make a decent cup of coffee, this is where I help you. There’s no secret that it's a hard task to find the right staff for the job. Chances are we would want to know they are capable of all tasks not just one or two to determine if they are suitable candidates.

Automatic tampering eliminates a skill you never need performed again, which means you can shift your attention to creativity and artisanship.