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Commercial Coffee Grinders

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Grinder Cafe | Commercial Coffee Grinders | Mazzer Grinders and more

Technically there is a large range of grinders available, however grinders are one of the most important part of the espresso making process, as such we are heavily biased towards the Mazzer, and specifically the Mazzer Robur, for an all round grinder.

Lately the Victoria-Arduino Mythos One has become a strong contender to run up against the Mazzer Robur, however the Mazzer still wins our preference. The Mahlkoenig grinder EK43 is hands down the king of grinders, however not practical as an all-round grinder. Be sure to check out the Victoria-Arduino grinder as well!

These are the best espresso grinders, however you don't necessarily need to go top end, if you are a low volume cafe, or buying a grinder for decaf, there are smaller Mazzer's you can consider, or alternative brands such as the Anfim’s, Eureka’s or San Marco's. We recommend reading this article to understand the importance of ground coffee.

Understanding the consistency and importance of even particle size is extremely important for espresso coffee. The particle size distribution represents the ratio between fine coffee grounds to large grounds, also known as boulders.

By ensuring a consistent and even distribution of coffee grinds every single grind, you will produce a high-quality extraction when 9 bars of water pressure moves through the coffee grinds in the Portafilter. If the coffee grounds are unevenly ground, pressurised water will move through the path of least resistance. This is known as channelling and results in a poor-quality extraction which is easily noticed in taste.

Automatic coffee grinders usually rely on a timer to decide how much coffee to grind. The two steps involved in this process would be to choose the size of the grind and length of time the machine will grind for. This means in a general sense that each time you grind, the machine will produce the exact same amount, guaranteeing a constant dose.

There is just one exception to this rule. As coffee gets older, it oxides and this means that the grind needs to become finer with an increased grind duration. This process is known as dialling the grinder. Due to the ease of using and consistency of this machine, automatic grinders have become very popular and have nearly completely eradicated dosage chamber grinders also known as grinder dosers.

If your café offers alternative brewing method from espresso, you’ll need to choose a grinder that can offer different variances in coffee grinds. Methods like Filter Coffee or French press means that the grind will be quite coarse when compared to an espresso grind. Either you would have a setup with different grinders or spend money on a high-quality grinder that will be able to produce a variety of different grinds efficiently throughout the coffee rush.

We do believe that entry level grinder will still perform well and produce an okay tasting cup, however if you are serious about standing with a beautiful unique flavoured cup of coffee, you will need a high-quality grinder.

For specialised recommendations for your situation feel free to call, however be aware we will most likely recommend a Mazzer grinder!

We have made it easy for those of you looking to upgrade or start your Commercial coffee setup. There are five sub categories to look into when upgrading; Commercial Machines, Brewers, Milk frothing, Auto Tampers and Grinders.

Now maybe you have looked into these categories and they don’t suit your needs? Maybe you are looking for something a little less commercial to start up with. In this case, look into our home categories as we have Coffee Machines, Fully Automatic Coffee Machines, Brewers, Grinders and even coffee bean Roasters! They are perfect for cafes that do not require industrial grinders or commercial sized appliances.

We suggest our home section not only to at home coffee lovers, but also small cafes that are just starting out or serving a small audience each day. Another option to check out are our Packages that are a fast and efficient way or purchasing a full coffee setup curated by coffee experts.

Remember to check out our Accessories page for additional items that will increase the efficiency and productivity of your baristas! We have additional tools like Coffee Scales, Thermometers, Milk Jugs, Milk Jug Rinsers, beautiful Coffee Cups, coffee machine cleaning products and cleaning brushes to choose from.

Adjusting the grind

Every grinder is different and has variable adjustment methods. Once you have figured out what direction will give you a finer or more coarse result, you’re on track. We only aim to adjust the grinder in small increments at a time, 3mm seems to work the best. Usually 3mm adjustments influence shot duration by 3 to 5 seconds.

Remembering when we change the settings we purge the machine to prevent retention of old coffee. After adjustment you run the shot, use the weigh in (dosage) and out method (yield), record the time for extraction and titrate to optimal extraction time. Step-by-step as follows

  • Decide what adjustment (finer or more coarse) you require and move the collar. Make sure you have enough beans in the hopper and that the close slide is open allowing beans through to the blades.
  • Turn on the grinder for 10 seconds and discard that grind (it will still be on the old setting).
  • Run a test shot keeping dose and tamp technique consistent.
  • Assess shot quality and extraction rate (even if it’s not perfect, have you improved it?).
  • IRepeat as necessary until correct extraction is achieved.

What is a burr coffee grinder?

A burr coffee grinder has exactly what it says it does. A set of rotating burrs, these burrs grind your fresh coffee beans evenly and in a uniform matter. Coffee lovers often select burr grinders preferably over blade grinders as the resulting grounds are more even and consistent, therefore, better tasting coffee.

Why are burr coffee grinders better than others?

Burr coffee grinders are significantly better than blade coffee grinders as the blades work in the same way they would in your fruit blender. They chop your beans unevenly which means the particles are not uniform in particle size which compromises the overall extraction efficiency. Burrs use rotating burrs to grind consistently, which leads to a tastier cup.