Barista and Coffee Machine Accessories Kits

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Barista and Coffee Machine Accessories Kits

Our philosophy is to choose each individual item and curate your own personal coffee journey and espresso accessories to match your style and desire, from barista basics to the latest must haves. As the coffee industry has developed and boomed, the range of coffee accessories available has skyrocketed! So we know kits make life simpler, so we have we put together some espresso barista kits to help you get started in your espresso journey.

Coffee Parts was built on a dream to carry the best, most amazing coffee gear from all over the world. The actually Coffee Parts warehouse is a barista playground, designed for the modern day Peter Pan, Pedro Lara. Full or art and coffee toys, these coffee accessories are perfect for all baristas, wether aspiring or professional. For local cafes, to international chains. Coffee is about bringing together people in a shared space over a common bond. The right coffee shop accessories fills the barista and space with joy and passion. It's only one life, and life's amazing moments of sharing coffee are to be enjoyed by all.

These kits were designed to help bring together cool coffee accessories and make your life a little easier. Kits range from essential cleaning kits, scale kits, tamping kits, milk jug rinser kits to full blown barista coffee kits. We have further selected our favourite of the range by tagging them with 'CP Recommended' guide and curate your espresso coffee journey, though these beautiful and magical coffee accessories irrespective of the espresso machines you choose.