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Coffee Bean Grinders

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Coffee Grinders are one of the most important parts of the coffee brewing process, with fresh coffee beans being a key part of the perfect coffee. We are proud to be distributors of a vast variety of quality coffee grinders in Australia. Here at CoffeeParts we stock a wide range of home grinders, everything from your Breville coffee grinder to the Eureka Specialita.

Whether you're after a big, small coffee or hand coffee grinder it all comes down to the right grind settings. Consistent grinds, even particle size distribution, grind speed and coffee retention are factors which differ between different grinder. And for households with early risers, burr coffee grinder noise plays a part in the choice of grinder too.

Consistent grinds and an even particle size distribution are crucial, especially in espresso coffee. The particle size distribution is the amount of fine coffee grounds to boulders (larger coffee grounds).

The more even the grind, the more even the coffee extraction when 9 bars of water pressure hits the coffee grounds in the Portafilter. Consistent grinders allows foe coffee to be extracted evenly. If an uneven extraction occurs this is called channeling.

Automatic coffee grinders generally grind based on a time parameters. Once you adjust the grind size, you then adjust the time in which the grinder runs for. This way when you grind it always grinds the same amount of time, which equates roughly to the same amount of coffee.

However, as coffee oxidises and gets older, you need to grind slightly finer, which means you need to increase the grind time slightly. This is called dialling in the grinder, and grinders that are easy to adjust, both grinder and time, are more practice in the long run. This way the grinder always grinds a fresh batch of coffee to be used, rather than grind into a dosage chamber which holds coffee. As such Automatic electronic grinders have gained popularity, and we barely sell dosage chamber grinders these-days.

Electric coffee grinders vary in price depending on features, quality and if its a blade grinder or burr grinder. Entry level grinders such as the Baratza Encore. All the way through to the ultimate grinders like the Eureka Atom, Mazzer Mini-E and Rocket Fusato for perfect coffee grinding. These are the best home espresso grinder without using full blown Commercial Grinders at home, which can significantly blow out the budget (think EK43).

Although grinder consistency for an espresso is key, high variances in other brew methods like filter coffee and French press mean that grinder choice needs to be a little more open. Entry level grinders still perform ok when it comes to espresso but spending a little more might get you a tastier cup.

We generally recommend an entry burr grinders like the Baratza grinders for filter coffee, and the best grinder your budget allows for espresso coffee. Even if that means compromising slightly in the choice of coffee machine, as ultimately a coffee grinder gives you the best value for money results in coffee.

We have made it easy for those of you looking to upgrade or start your home coffee setup. There are six sub categories to look into when upgrading; Home Machines, Automatic Coffee Machines, Brewers, Packages, Grinders and Roasters.

Now maybe you have looked into these categories and they don’t suit your needs? Maybe you are looking for something a more commercial to start up or upgrade with. In this case, look into our Commercial side of things. Our categories here cover Commercial Machines, Brewers, Steam Units, Automatic Tampers and Commercial Grinders.

Whoever you are, whatever your needs, Coffee Parts have you covered. Make sure you check out alterntive ways of brewing through our Manual Brew Page and of course check out our range of high quality and fantastic Accessories.

What are you waiting for? Save the energy from the hand grinder and grind your coffee beans with ease. Here's to a delicious cup of coffee.

Adjusting the grind

Every grinder is different and has variable adjustment methods. Once you have figured out what direction will give you a finer or more coarse result, you’re on track. We only aim to adjust the grinder in small increments at a time, 3mm seems to work the best. Usually 3mm adjustments influence shot duration by 3 to 5 seconds.

Remembering when we change the settings we purge the machine to prevent retention of old coffee. After adjustment you run the shot, use the weigh in (dosage) and out method (yield), record the time for extraction and titrate to optimal extraction time. Step-by-step as follows

  • Decide what adjustment (finer or more coarse) you require and move the collar. Make sure you have enough beans in the hopper and that the close slide is open allowing beans through to the blades.
  • Turn on the grinder for 10 seconds and discard that grind (it will still be on the old setting).
  • Run a test shot keeping dose and tamp technique consistent.
  • Assess shot quality and extraction rate (even if it’s not perfect, have you improved it?).
  • IRepeat as necessary until correct extraction is achieved.

What is a burr coffee grinder?

A burr coffee grinder has exactly what it says it does. A set of rotating burrs, these burrs grind your fresh coffee beans evenly and in a uniform matter. Coffee lovers often select burr grinders preferably over blade grinders as the resulting grounds are more even and consistent, therefore, better tasting coffee.

Why are burr coffee grinders better than others?

Burr coffee grinders are significantly better than blade coffee grinders as the blades work in the same way they would in your fruit blender. They chop your beans unevenly which means the particles are not uniform in particle size which compromises the overall extraction efficiency. Burrs use rotating burrs to grind consistently, which leads to a tastier cup.

Are manual coffee grinders any good?

Manual coffee grinders are by far one of the most underrated tools used in coffee brewing. Both manual and Electric coffee grinders have their pros and cons and what their preferred uses are. Some high quality manual coffee grinders can produce more consistent and uniform results than some budgetElectric

What are the best coffee grinders?

We believe that the best coffee grinders for home would have the following features:

  • Burr grinder for a consistent grind
  • Various grind sizes to suit multiple brewing methods
  • Manual or electric grinders both have pros and cons