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Crema Pro Barista and Coffee Accessories

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Crema Pro offers nothing but a wide range of premium quality, incredibly durable and stylish espresso coffee machine accessories. Crema Pro covers accessories for an experienced barista all the way through to passionate coffee enthusiasts. So you know whether you're in a busy cafe or at home, we've got a wide range to keep you sorted.

As the coffee industry has developed and boomed, the range of coffee accessories available has skyrocketed! As overgrown children and coffee lovers, we love the amazing cool coffee accessories which we carry. We have worked hard (well lets best honest this is the best part of being who we are at Coffee Parts) to test and select a range of espresso coffee machine accessories which we believe to be the best relevant to their price. From basic barista tools to the latest must haves, Crema Pro has got you sorted.

Crema Pro has over 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry, Crema pro focuses on the importance of quality of their products when brewing. Their range extends from coffee knock boxes, tamping mats and through to milk thermometers and milk jugs.

Many of their coffee accessories come in a range of colours to suit your bench space. The stylish range of colours includes; Red, Burnt Orange, Grey and Black.

It is important to not only have high quality machines and grinders, it’s also very important to have high quality accessories to support your machine. Some individuals may think that they can save money by purchasing cheap accessories.

Now they may save money but why bother investing in a good coffee machine and grinder? The range of accessories from Crema Pro are very high-quality products with well-designed features. As mentioned above, we only hand pick the best brands as we are trusted by the public.

By pairing your machine with products that are created by leading experts, you’ll quickly realise that they are just as important as your machines. Remember cheap gear can also damage your machines and equipment as they can be made by anyone!

Trust a brand that has been around for years with loyal customers to prove. Crema Pro has a large footprint in the coffee distribution for over 20 years and that isn’t easily achieved. Trust us, trust Crema Pro for all you coffee accessory needs.


We highly recommend using a coffee knock box. Removing the puck from your portafilter has never been cleaner or easier when using a knock box. If you value speed and cleanliness in your workstation, then there really is no other alternative.

As we have mentioned in our article, there are different styles to suit all needs of home and commercial users. There are bench-top, freestanding and countertop chutes to choose from.