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Kaffelogic Sample Roasters

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With the love for coffee and its creativity, there has become an interest amongst passionate coffee enthusiasts who want to take their brewing to the next level. Who would have thought roasting your green beans on a Saturday for a week's worth of coffee would have ever been possible.

Using a home coffee roaster has it's benefits. Using those beans you've picked up from your local cafe means that you're on a time schedule before you lose all those delicious flavours. For years the complexity of roasting your own coffee has been way to difficult for the home enthusiast to tackle, until now.

The team at Kaffelogic saw a gap where there was just more to coffee than pulling a shot and frothing milk. They developed a system which could precisely roast coffee without leaving too many variables for the user to control.

The Kaffelogic is affordable, super easy to use and compact for your kitchen bench space. Shop our online range now!