Slingshot Coffee Grinder and Slingshot Kilo Tamper

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Slingshot began in 2015 with a vision to create user friendly machines which can be mastered by anyone. Whether it be the expert barista or the home brewing novice. Slingshot have designed an automatic coffee grinder and tamper which makes the brewing process a slice of cake.

The SlingShot Volumetric Grinder is their flagship design that has no problems to deliver uniform coffee grind. After placing your coffee beans into the hopper, adjusting the grind setting, your grinder accurately delivers the ground coffee with precise control. A built in adjustable micrometric grinding system means you will be able to adjust your grounds accurately to suit your brewing needs. Whether it be for the perfect single or double shot.

Automation? The Kilo Slingshot is the answer you are looking for.

Well apart from significantly increasing consistency when tamping, automatic tampers additionally establishes a huge reduction in risk for overuse injuries. Tamping has been identified as one of the most strenuous tasks performed by baristas due to relative high force and repetition as well as the awkward spine and upper limb posture.

As far as statistics are concerned, as far as 75% of a baristas workday is spent preparing espresso based beverages. With hundreds of shots being pulled a day in busy cafes, it’s time we look at the long term consequences of this repetition on your staff’s physical performance.

The Kilo Slingshot is by far the new kid on the block, with only just being released early 2021, it's turning a few heads in the industry. The Kilo Slingshot has a few new impressive features which is why it’s definitely a machine to keep your eye on if you’re in the market.

The kilo allows a lot of flexibility when it comes to tamping profiles, giving the option to choose 1-3 tamps and specifically selecting weight for each. It also has a programmable memory making for saving those tamping profiles you prefer.

If tamping speed is you're looking for, you can’t go wrong with the Kilo Slingshot. It by far has such a rapid tamping speed that it punches out 1 tamp in 0.8 seconds or 3 different tamping loads in under 1.4 seconds.