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Coffee Distribution Tools

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Coffee distribution tools for your next cup of coffee

Every barista, regardless of experience deserves to be equipped with the finest, latest range of tools for enhancing coffee brewing experience. Our range of grind distribution tools gives you a step in the right direction, let's help your ground coffee give you the best tasting cup.

Whether you're left or right handed the ocd coffee distribution tool v2 and v3 ensures you get the most consistent grind distribution within your portafilter basket. The ona ocd v2 and its more recent counterpart the ocd distribution tool v3 have many appealing features. Along with other barista distribution tools we sell such as the pullman, features include: advanced static reducing coating, ergonomic design around the sides and they can be adjusted to accomodate for the desired dose.

These coffee distributors sit in your portafilter and spin to create an even and level surface on your loose coffee grounds. Once evenly distributed and groomed, it's job ends there. Your coffee grounds are ready for a well performed tamp.

By providing a level, well distributed surface in combination with an evenly compacted tamp it will allow the water to flow evenly through the beans and extract perfectly.