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Mazzer Mini Grinders

If you have come into our showroom, training facility or workshop, you will know that we lover Mazzers! The reason is they really are the industry leader, with the majority of the coffee roasteries and top end espresso bars choosing to use Mazzers, and in many case multiple units. So for home espresso, the natural choice is the Mazzer Mini.

Now the choice becomes which Mini? If the budget allows the Mini Electronic is the ideal choice. Although the Mini-E has a larger set if blades than the standard Mini, the output remains quite similar. The real advantage is practicality, and being able to just press the single or double shot basket and grind just the required amount is extremely convenient and ensures you aren't drinking coffee which has gone stale sitting in the dosage chamber. As such, we believe the Mazzer Mini-E is the perfect home espresso grinder.