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Filter coffee machine are becoming increasingly popular as batch brew coffee becomes a thing across Australian cafes. The rockstars batch brewers here are the Moccamaster brewers. You see filter or “drip” is the default coffee across America.

Most Americans have a coffee machine at home or at work, and would not dare start their day without having that first cup of Joe. However, here in Australia we have been such a milk based espresso culture that drip or filter coffee has been kept on the sideline until now.

Technivorm Moccamaster filter coffee machines range in size from single cup coffee makers for homes and offices, to Batch Brew coffee makers for speciality cafes and roasteries. There has been a significantly risen in popularity over the last few years of pour over filter coffee and batch brew coffee, off the back of speciality coffee roasters producing high quality speciality coffee roasts. This love for alternative brewing has lead to the growth and popularity of the Technivorm Moccamaster filter coffee machines in Australia.

Pour Over Filter coffee is one of the gentlest ways to brew coffee and pour over is one of the preferred methods of brewing, as this brewing process provides the most clarity of flavour. Batch brew coffee is an automatic and automated version of manual brew pour over coffee. Batch Brew is still the same brew method, yet instead of a manual pour over technique using a Gooseneck Kettle, electric drip coffee makers and brewing equipment are used to brew larger volumes in batch.

The same principles of ratios between the amount of water, and grams of coffee plus brew time still apply. And the precise pulse drip method produces a perfect bloom of coffee while ensuring an optimal coffee water saturation and time (4-6 minutes).

Technivorm Moccamaster have for many years specialised in the manufacture of drip filter coffee machine. These coffee makers are all handmade, which means that they are manufactured and assembled by hand and individually tested in a live environment.

The brewing quality of the Moccamaster coffee makers is beyond dispute and guarantee a first class beverage due to the fact that brewing temperature and water/coffee contact time as well as holding temperature are in accordance with the critical requirements of the European Coffee Brewing Centre and the Speciality Coffee Association of America and Europe. The European seal of approval on all their coffee makers speaks for itself and ultimately, it is the personal touch that makes the Moccamaster products unique and respected worldwide, and now loved in Australia.

Moccamaster Australia have done an amazingly well at showcasing filter coffee in a predominantly milk based espresso culture. We have loved seeing the growth of the filter coffee industry and see batch brewers and filter coffee grinders becoming a standard alongside milk based coffees in Australian cafes.

Be sure to check out other methods of brewing such as Batch Brew, French Press, Cold Brew or Aeropress. We also have a range of Coffee Grinders as we know you always need the freshest beans to create the most delicious cup. Have a look into some of our favourite brands such as Bialetti, Frank Green, La Marzocco and Breville for a range of either portable coffee or coffee equipment.

What makes the Moccamaster Classic so good?

  • Precise Temperature Control - The heavy-duty copper boiler maintains 90 - 95 degrees Celsius which is the optimal brewing heat for perfect extraction.
  • Built to Last – An aluminium body built with sturdy BPA-Free plastic to last a lifetime.
  • Balanced Brewing - The brewing cycle includes a bloom phase for preparing the coffee grounds and has the unique 9-hole spray head which produces an even extraction and therefore a full, balanced cup.
  • Coffee Association Blessed - Tested and certified by the SCAA, SCAE, and ECBC, the Moccamaster Classic has been recognised and approved by world’s greatest coffee professionals.
  • Brew Big Batches - Brew up to 1.25 L of delicious coffee, enough for several people or just multiple cups for yourself!
  • 14 Colours - Designed to fit into any setting, the classic comes in 14 beautiful colours.
  • Warming Plate - Keep your coffee warm when the brewing completes. The warmer has two temperature settings and automatically shuts off after 40 minutes.
    • How much coffee do I put in a Moccamaster?

      Approximately place 60g of freshly ground coffee that is of a coarse grind size.

      How to make the best coffee with the Moccamaster?

      1. Fill the reservoir with 1 litre of cold, fresh water.
      2. Fold the paper filter along the hem and place into the brew basket.
      3. Thoroughly rinse the paper filter with hot water and drain into the thermal carafe. This will remove the papery taste from the filter and heat the thermal carafe.
      4. Weigh just over 60g of freshly ground coffee. The grind should be coarse and similar to that of a French Press. Make sure you weigh your coffee dose.
      5. Pour the ground coffee into the centre of your freshly rinsed brew basket so it creates an even bed, ready for pouring.
      6. Push the carafe into place so that the safety switch is compressed.
      7. Ensure the drip stop lever on the basket is in the top open position.
      8. Switch on the Moccamaster.
      9. Agitate the coffee grounds at each 250ml interval by gently shaking the brew basket. This draws the coffee into the centre of the basket, promoting a more even extraction. The entire process should take approximately 5 minutes. Enjoy your brew!

      Does the Moccamaster keep coffee hot?

      The Moccamaster classic has a hotplate which keeps the glass carafe hot for roughly 40 minutes prior to automatically switching off as part of its safety mechanism. The Moccamaster thermal has been claimed to keep beverages hot for a staggering 5 to 6hours!

      What size coffee grinds do I need for as Moccamaster?

      Grind size would be coarse. Similar to that of your French press, your freshly ground coffee beans should be a similar particle comparison to sea salt.