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Ultimate Guide to Outdoor Coffee Makers: Perfect for Camping, Hiking, and Adventure

A good trip can be made great, with the right cup of coffee

No matter where you are, there is absolutely no need to deprive your tastebuds of the off-grid coffee experience they deserve. From ultralight hiking coffee set-ups designed for those who cut down their toothbrush to save weight, to the perfect car-based camping coffee rig that will make you a superstar among your camp mates – we’ve got you covered… heck, we even have a range of small footprint coffee machines and portable grinders – perfect for that caravan coffee or to fit in your canopy or camper trailer.

We’ve curated this collection based on weight, durability, physical size and most importantly, how well it will brew your preferred cup of camp-based coffee.

Essential Gear: Grinders and Storage Solutions

As much as we want you to escape ‘the grind’, if you want that perfect cup, it all starts with freshly ground coffee beans. For the gram savers among you, the PORLEX MINI II CERAMIC BURR HAND COFFEE GRINDER is robust, lightweight and as an added bonus, nests perfectly inside the AEROPRESS COFFEE MAKER – ORIGINAL. If weight is less of an issue, our manual grinder range from TIMEMORE or WACACO is hard to beat. For those of you with a bit more room, or who think even your grinding arm should have a holiday, we have the rechargeable TIMEMORE AUTOMATIC COFFEE HAND GRINDER GO or even the TIMEMORE SCULPTOR 078S ELECTRIC COFFEE GRINDER for those with a Caravan, Canopy or Camp Trailer set-up with inverter.

Keep your coffee fresh in any of our COFFEE BEAN STORAGE solutions. The AIRSCAPE MINI BRUTREK CARGOCAN is perfect for those short hops and takes up next to no room. The FELLOW ATMOS range of stainless-steel vacuum canisters are built tough for those bigger groups or longer hauls.

Lightweight Hiking Coffee Options:


The AeroPress is the carry-over champ of adventure-based coffee and can yield up to three servings of an espresso-style concentrate. It is super versatile. You can drink it as is if you like it strong and short, or you can add hot water for more of a filter/black coffee style brew. Alternatively, texture some milk for a bush-based latte!

The little sibling, the AeroPress Go, offers the same versatility – just in a smaller, lighter footprint that produces two serves at a time. A medium grind (think the texture of table salt) tends to deliver the best results – too fine and you’ll find it hard to extract, too coarse and you’ll be missing out on the resistance needed for a full extraction. An AeroPress Go lives in our go-bag!

Minipresso & Nanopresso

Wacaco has crafted exceptional brewing tools for espresso lovers on the go. The Nanopresso and Minipresso are compact, lightweight units designed for a quick caffeine fix. Made from durable plastic, they offer versatility with options for coffee grounds or capsules.

Nanopresso: This powerful device can generate up to 18 bars of pressure, delivering high-quality espresso shots. It's easy to prepare with a scoop that fits 8g of coffee grounds perfectly. Just use the reverse side of the scoop as a tamper, pump 20-30 times, and enjoy your espresso.

Minipresso: Similar in design to the Nanopresso but operates with slightly less pressure. It still delivers a delightful espresso but may lack the exact quality of a machine-brewed espresso. The Minipresso offers compatibility with NS (Nespresso) or GR (Grounds), giving you flexibility in your brewing method.

Car Based Camping Coffee Makers

Moka Pots

Moka coffee, though not as potent per millilitre as espresso, remains a popular brewing method. Typically served in 30ml, Moka pot coffee is similar to espresso and can produce crema if brewed correctly. Unlike espresso machines, Moka pots are straightforward and brew a larger volume, making them a staple in homes worldwide.

Durability: Moka pots are made from sturdy metal and can withstand rough handling, making them ideal for outdoor activities.

Variety of Sizes: Choose a size based on how many cups you need and consider the weight, especially for hiking.

Brewing Tips: Use freshly ground coffee for the best results. A good grinder is essential.

French Press

French presses, or coffee plungers, offer an easy way to brew coffee in the great outdoors. They consist of a cylindrical pot and a plunger with a filter screen, perfect for steeping coffee grounds to produce rich flavours.

Fresh Flavours: Freshly ground coffee beans steeped in a French press create intense, rich coffee.

Durability: Opt for a non-glass variant to avoid breakages during your camping trips.

Portability: Some French press models integrate with JetBoil systems, offering added convenience.

The ESPRO ULTRALIGHT TRAVEL PRESS: 475ML STAINLESS STEEL is super tough and built to last.

Trinity Zero

The Trinity Zero is a new, compact coffee maker perfect for hiking and travel. It takes up minimal space, making it ideal for multi-day trips or international travel.

Quick Brew: With a few pumps, your thumb pressurises the water chamber, producing a concentrated coffee shot in 60 seconds.

Strength: This method delivers a strong brew, perfect for a quick caffeine boost on the trail.

Hario V60 and Kalita Wave

Pour-over coffee is one of the gentlest and most flavourful ways to brew coffee. The Hario V60 and Kalita Wave are top choices, beloved by baristas and ideal for camping.

Manual Precision: These methods require hand pouring, which accentuates intricate flavours.

Portability: Compact and lightweight, they fit over your mug and are easy to pack for any trip.

Recommendations: Use paper filters and freshly ground coffee for the best results.

Conclusion: Enhance Your Adventure with Great Coffee

No matter your choice of coffee maker, the right gear can enhance your adventure. A quality coffee grinder and brewing device will ensure you start your journey energised and ready to explore. Enjoy the fresh air and stunning views with a perfect cup of coffee by your side. Our fast and reliable shipping will have you prepared for your next outdoor adventure in no time.