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Camping Coffee Makers and Outdoor Coffee Equipment!

There is simply an abundance of ways to brew coffee in 2021 whether you buy an espresso machine and grinder or choose to batch brew (among many other menthods), you’ll most likely end up with a delicious coffee if you brew correctly.

With COVID-19 around for more than a year now, we have seen an increasingly large demand for portable style camping coffee makers. Boarder closures have seen individuals and families exploring more of their own backyard via car camping, caravan parks, overnight camping, and full wilderness multi-day hikes. There is one thing in common with nearly every person out exploring right now. Regardless of where they are or what style of adventure they are on, they still need their daily coffee.

We would like to open our readers eyes and explore different alternatives to brewing a delicious coffee with simple and easy techniques. So, leave your heavy, bulky, and most probably fragile coffee brewers at home. We are going to mention a few techniques that are all suitable candidates for your camping coffee maker and let you decide which suits your preferences best!

First and foremost, if you haven’t read any of our blogs or aren’t aware on our views to make a delicious coffee, we will always recommend freshly ground coffee beans as the first step to brewing. It is for this reason we recommend picking yourself up a manual hand grinder as this is a no choice situation for us. After this, we invite you through the following methods below. These include the ever popular Aeropress, Minipresso & Nanopresso, Moka Pots, French Press, Trinity Zero, Hario V60 and the Kalita Wave.

Things we have considered during this decision process is the fragile nature of each unit, how durable they are over extended periods of time, quality of brew, weight and size. A combination of these varibles result in our final list. Note there are a few methods that may not be an option for some and the perfect option for others! It is important to know what suits your individual needs and situation.


The AeroPress can yield up to three servings of the espresso style concentrate. You can drink as is or you can add hot water for more of a filter / black coffee brew or alternatively texture some milk for a latte! However, the smaller sibling, AeroPress Go offers two servings of coffee.

It generally requires a medium grind, try to achieve the particle size similar to table salt. If your grind, you’ll have troubles pressing the device down and on the other hand you want enough resistance to achieve full extraction.

The AeroPress produces an espresso style concentrate however its profile will be different in nature due to its extraction process. As you can imagine an espresso brewed from within a machine is extracted within a high-pressure environment.

Light and very easy to pack away means that this method is one of our highest ranked for your adventure/camping coffee maker. Another pro for this device lays in its hard and durable plastic construction which easily withstands drops and pressure from other items inside your pack. Much like pour over techniques, you will need to carry your garbage (filter paper and used coffee grinds) with you.

Check out the AeroPress GO which is the newest addition and upgrade to the AeroPress team. Its design is centred around portability and durability. Even though we would recommend all AeroPress tools aree well equipped to handle the outdoors, this design is specifically made for travel.

Minipresso & Nanopresso

Wacaco have designed one hell of a brewing tool for those espresso lovers on the go. The Nanopresso and Minipresso are handheld, lightweight brewing units which is perfect to get you a dose of caffeine in no time at all. Made from durable plastic with the option for coffee grounds or coffee capsules, these “pressos” are highly versatile and ready for any challenge ahead.

The Nanopresso handheld device can reach a maximum capacity of 18 bars of pressure throughout extraction to give you a high-quality espresso shot. With a scoop which fits the perfect 8g for the basket, it’s super easy to prep. Once the basket is filled with finely ground coffee, the reverse side of the scoop is used as the tamper, then it’s 20-30 pumps before you’ve got yourself an espresso!

The Minipresso on the other hand is an extremely similar design to the Nanopresso minus some of the pressure. This means that it can still produce a beautiful espresso but it may lack the similarity of an espresso machine quality espresso. The minipresso has the option of NS (Nespresso) or GR (Grounds) which allows you to choose what is the easier method for yourself.

Moka Pots

Moka coffee is not identically as potent as an espresso per millimetre. The espresso is usually served up in 30ml. The Moka pot coffee is probably the most similar brewing method to an espresso and can produce crema if extracted correctly. No need for an espresso machine if you are brewing right! It’s similar to an espresso. However, the Moka pot produces a higher volume (greater than a typical 30ml shot of espresso). Hence the term Stovetop espresso maker / Moka pot.

This little Italian coffee maker has been the bedrock of coffee for coffee lovers both in Australia and all over the world. This is mainly because they produce a unique and great cup of coffee consistently time after time.

The reason why we add this brewing method is due to the ease of brewing. One factor to consider is the weight of this product and depending on how many cups you will brew should be factored into which size you wish to buy. Keep in mind obviously larger Moka pots will weigh a substantial amount as they are made from stainless steel.

What gives the Moka pot its points in this competition is the durability and how rough you can be with this design. I would go so far to say that they are nearly impossible to break without actually trying. They are sturdy metal pots which last forever. Anyone who has owned one, will always say they had it forever or it never gave them any problems. Moka pots require ground coffee so make sure you grab a fantastic grinder to produce the best possible coffee to start your adventures right.

Personally, this may be a bit tough and heavy to overnight hike with and would probably be best suited for a day hike or car camping/caravan park camping.

French Press

Coffee plungers or otherwise known as french press coffee makers are understated and simple devices for making coffee at home, work, or even camping. Essentially, a coffee plunger or french press consists of a cylindrical glass or stainless-steel pot and a plunger with a filter screen. Brewing a cup of coffee is super easy and convenient and it requires only water and some ground coffee.

French press coffee tastes better because the freshly ground coffee beans are steeped within the vessel, meaning the immersion creates richer flavours and intensity. If you like your coffee intense, this is a brewing method for you. We recommend freshly ground coffee to give you the best possible cup. Choose your roast type depending on taste preferences, a medium blend roast might do the trick to start.

The main concern with this tool as your camping coffee maker is the fragile nature with some of the designs of French presses. There are a great deal on the market that are made from glass and whether it be durable glass or not, its still glass. Our recommendation here is that if you do plan on using a French press on your adventures, opt against the glass variant.

Personally we have seen many smashes due to packing arrangements or just pure clumsiness. Either way, our coffee on adventures needs to be consumed as there is nothing worse than missing out on that morning hit. Car camping would be best suited to this design unless you had a way of protecting it from damage during your journey. There is also a new cool tool out which can be used in conjunction with a JetBoil which is simply the filter part and press rod of a French press that can be folded away inside a standard JetBoil…something to check out.

Trinity Zero

The Trinity Zero is new to the market and is highly suitable for the portable style coffee needed for hiking and travelling. It is probably takes up the least amount of room in terms of size which would be ideal for someone on a multi-day trip or travelling internationally and needed as much room as possible.

Your thumb pressurises the water chamber, resulting in a shot of concentrated coffee that is ready in 60 seconds from roughly 10-15 pumps. The shot is stronger than your usual coffee press or other brewed coffee method (i.e french press or pour over), however, it is not espresso - nor does it try to be.

Hario V60 and Kalita Wave

Pour Over Filter coffee is one of the gentlest ways to brew coffee. Pour over is one of the preferred methods of Manual Brewing, as this brewing process provides the most clarity of flavour.

What separates pour over coffee from other brewing styles is its manual requirements. Hand pouring is one of the components required when brewing pour over. Pour over coffee is known to accentuate intricate flavours when compared to the more common brewing methods like espresso.

There are many brewers online but we only stock what we love and believe are the best pour over drippers on the market. Just to name our favourites, the famous V60 by Hario and the Kalita wave coffee dripper.

We choose these methods as they are a genuine choice of coffee brewing by baristas and are easily able to be taken camping! They are essentially a small tool that sits on top of your mug that is already packed for your trip.

By taking a handful of paper filters and the unit itself, you can get away with deliciously gentle coffee whilst away on your trips! We highly recommend these and use them ourselves. One important choice when choosing your dripper is size and material. This will help you pick a size that will brew for your needs and pick a material that will not shatter (some ceramics and glass).


Whatever you choose, remember that these units aren’t the make or break of your adventure. They may make you less grumpy in the morning or give you that boost of energy when you need it, but they can’t replace the fresh air and gorgeous views you will experience.

Simply grab a grinder and a brewing device and hit the road. Our fast and reliable shipping will see to it that your packages arrive ASAP so that you can hit the road faster and more prepared than ever!