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The world has fallen in love with the cafe life, and never has there been so many amazing Coffee Machines and Grinders available to choose from, especially in the top end of the market. Our relationship with an extensive range of parts suppliers has allowed us to have the ability to carry nearly any machine ever produced, so the task of selecting a range was huge.

We based our selections on the best options for selected price points, environments, performance and longevity. Check out our Commercial Coffee Machines, Commercial Coffee Bean Grinders, Automatic Milk Steamers, Automatic Tampers and more! We have stock some of the best Commercial Coffee Machines and automatic coffee machines on the market!

This has allowed us to carry an amazing range, to cover all budgets and tastes! For specialised recommendations for your situation feel free to call. It may be that we recommend you something you weren't expecting! We hold a range of different products to get your café up to speed. Have a look into each of our category pages to explore commercial coffee machine brands that are highly reputable!


If you're looking for an auto coffee machine, Australia now has many options for your liking. We offer a wide range of the rapidly growing drip brewers. These drip coffee machines are capable of producing large batches and usually can be turned on and left, making a super easy way to start your day.

The rockstars batch brewers here are the Moccamaster and Ratio Brewers. You see, filter or “drip” is the default coffee across America. The Moccamaster classic produces one of my favourite cups of coffee and looks beautiful on the kitchen bench.

Make sure to pair your drip or filter machine with one of our home coffee grinders or manual hand grinders for freshly ground beans every time! Our favourite Home Grinders are stocked within our range of Baratza and Eureka automatic grinders. Some of our personal favourite hand grinders include the Comandante, Porlex and Timemore range!

Automatic Steamers

A steam unit is a professionally used milk steamer that automatically heats and froths milk to a predetermined temperature for perfect silky and creamy texture. By utilising a steam unit, you are able to minimise the hands-on requirements throughout the coffee process.

Given the recent spike in popularity for alternative milks, it has become increasingly difficult for staff to understand the unique requirements when milk frothing these particular milks. This can be completely automated with steam units due to their temperature range settings.

Remember by using an automatic steam unit, you are saving time by having a person anchored to the steam wand. By utilising this advancement, your barista now has the opportunity to have more face-to-face time with your customers, which we all understand the importance of repeat customers.

Regardless of the time saved, more around the café or home can be done with automatic milk frothers. Be sure to check out the WPM Milk frother and pair it with one of our beautiful espresso machines.

Auto Tampers

Automatic Tamping has nailed efficient workflow. When we think about the awkward position you need to manoeuvre yourself into when tamping, not to mention the amount of room behind the counter needed to get into this position. Adding two, three or four staff in a small workspace, it’s not long before you’re feeling like a contortionist.

It is time to make the move to automatic tampers, so check out our range from PUQ, Slingshot and Cinoart.


There are a large range of grinders available, however grinders are one of the most important part of the espresso making process. As such we are heavily biased towards the Mazzer., and specifically the Mazzer Robur, for an all round grinder. Lately the Victoria Arduino Mythos One has become a strong contender to run up against the Mazzer Robur, however the Mazzer still wins our preference. The Mahlkonig EK43 is hands down the king of grinders, however not practical as an all-round grinder.

You don't necessarily need to purchase a top end brand, if you are a low volume cafe, or buying a grinder for decaf, there are smaller Mazzer's you can consider, or alternative brands such as the Anfim's, Eureka's or San Marco's.

We have made it easy for those of you looking to upgrade or start your Commercial coffee setup. There are five sub categories to look into when upgrading; Commercial Machines, Brewers, Milk frothing, Auto Tampers and Grinders.

Now maybe you have looked into these categories and they don’t suit your needs? Maybe you are looking for something a little less commercial to start up with. In this case, look into our home categories as we have Coffee Machines, Fully Automatic Coffee Machines, Brewers, Grinders and even coffee bean Roasters! They are perfect for cafes that do not require industrial grinders or commercial sized appliances.

We suggest our home section not only to at home coffee lovers, but also small cafes that are just starting out or serving a small audience each day. Another option to check out are our Packages that are a fast and efficient way or purchasing a full coffee setup curated by coffee experts.