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Automatic Milk Frother & Milk Steam Wand Machines

A steam unit is a professionally used milk steamer that automatically heats and froths milk to a predetermined temperature for perfect silky and creamy texture. By utilising a steam unit, you are able to minimise the hands-on requirements throughout the coffee process. Given the recent spike in popularity for alternative milks, it has become increasingly difficult for staff to understand the unique requirements when milk frothing these particular milks which can be automated with steam units due to their temperature range settings.

Target temperatures can be set normally between 40 – 90 degrees with a choice of +/- 1 degree variation. The machine will heat the milk to a desired temperature and then cease steaming and perfect textured milk is ready to be poured.

You’ll find that these units are able to maintain efficient heat due to their heaters and can be reliably used continuously throughout the day. This means that their functionality is ideal for small cafes or home setups who want to be less involved in the process or do not have the capacity to produce the perfect milk foam ratio for milk based coffees. Say goodbye to Thermometers and manual milk frothers

You may be wondering, why get an automatic milk steamer? There so many reasons which can be broken down for two ideal users. The first being a home barista. We believe in efficiency and especially in the morning.

Automatic milk steamers are able to froth the perfect milk whilst your Coffee Machines is pouring your shot and you are eating a quick breakfast.

Owning one of these machines that you are interested in freeing up more of your time while maintaining a high-quality cup of coffee in the morning. Not only will the unit create perfect micro foam, but it will also automatically self-clean. All you need to do is pour your cold milk, press start and quickly wipe the wand as you remove your Milk Jug. You'll easily have perfect steamed milk!

For Small Cafes, having an automatic steam unit will drastically reduce the time required to train baristas on each alternative milk and make sure that they do not burn them. This is because of the varying fat content, requiring different steaming temperatures.

By taking one person out of the coffee production line and automating it, you’ve made your process more efficient with a greater level of control. This means that you will not be relying on your baristas attention to detail which decides whether the milk is slightly burnt or not.

Remember by using an automatic steam unit, you are saving time by having a person anchored to the steam wand. By utilising this advancement, your barista now has the opportunity to have more face-to-face time with your customers, which we all understand the importance of repeat customers. Regardless of the time saved, more around the café or home can be done with automatic milk frothers. Be sure to check out the WPM Milk frother and pair it with one of our beautiful Espresso Machines.

We have made it easy for those of you looking to upgrade or start your Commercial coffee setup. There are five sub categories to look into when upgrading; Commercial Machines, Brewers, Milk frothing, Auto Tampers and Grinders.

Now maybe you have looked into these categories and they don’t suit your needs? Maybe you are looking for something a little less commercial to start up with. In this case, look into our home categories as we have Coffee Machines, Fully Automatic Coffee Machines, Brewers, Grinders and even coffee bean Roasters! They are perfect for cafes that do not require industrial grinders or commercial sized appliances.

We suggest our home section not only to at home coffee lovers, but also small cafes that are just starting out or serving a small audience each day. Another option to check out are our Packages that are a fast and efficient way or purchasing a full coffee setup curated by coffee experts.

What are standard temperatures for different kinds of milks?

There is a range of different types of milks these days and they will continually grow. We have made a basic list of milks that will help you find the right temperatures when steaming air into the milk.

Full cream and skimmed milk has historically been the most popular and is commonly known to be at an optimal temperature when frothed at 65°c-70°c.

Soy milk has a high protein concentration and therefore can be aerated quite easily. Steaming up to 65°c will be perfect for this milk.

Almond milk it a bit trickier with a watery consistency. It will struggle at any temperature above 55°c. Keep this as the maximum temperature.

Coconut milk is a high fat milk with low protein count. Therefore, creating micro foam will be a little tricky. This milk can become quite thick at temperatures above 65°c so be careful with this milk. Maybe try a few degrees up to and around 65°c.

Oat milk has always been low in protein and therefore usually takes longer to steam when compared to cows’ milk. Preforming well at most temperatures, however we recommend around 65°c.