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Wacaco Coffee Maker

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Wacaco Coffee Maker

Wacaco create perfect little manual espresso machines, and have quickly become the most popular portable espresso maker on the market. These little unit is super portable and punches above it's tiny size in results. Achieving perfect espresso shots that will please even the most perfectionist coffee lover. With access to hot water and either fresh coffee grounds for the GA model or capsules for the CA and NS models, the Minipresso makes for the best travel espresso machine. We are a big fan of this tiny travel coffee maker which is taking on the espresso anywhere movement!

We love art, and seeing Wacaco create limited edition art units such as the Tattoo range makes use smile. Apart from the coffee makers, Wacaco now has a range of accessories to complement these great units. From cases to barista kits, and adapters to convert from ground units to capsule. These simple extras really help compliment the range, and make these units even more practical and portable.

Although designed originally for travel, camping and outdoor use, we think they make great tiny little home espresso machines for those with limited bench space and/or budget. And both the Minipresso and Nanopresso are just so portable, that they are perfect for work office environments where cafes aren't close and instant coffee is still supplied by stationary wholesalers.

The company was founded in 2013, Wacaco is a startup company based in Hong Kong. Its registration precedes the Minipresso commercial launch. Originally started in 2012 as a personal project, in an effort to create a small, light and convenient handheld espresso machine. Their hero units are not the Minipresso and Nanopresso.

Hugo Cailleton, founder of Wacaco and master degree's holder in industrial design, has been involved many years in the manufacturing of home espresso machine prior to initiate the development of the Minipresso. The idea of the portable espresso machine, allowing users to pull their own drink on the go, crossed his mind one morning during a business trip after having been disappointed by a poor espresso shot in a hotel.

In short, we love the Wacaco Minipresso and Nanopresso coffee maker! From an environmental perspective, unless the capsules are bio-degradable we have moral issues with this version, but do understand the practicality of capsules. In saying that we were pleasantly surprised but the espresso we got from this small ultraportable unit, defiantly on the top of our list for portable coffee makers!