"Give Back"

Growing up, helping out was just a way of life.

My father was a little alternative, tough in some way, super loving in others.

Everyday around lunch time my father would go and take a stranger to lunch. Lawyers, politicians, homeless, wealthy, junkie, any human that he felt would enjoy a bite to eat.

He would spark conversations at cafes with randoms and buy them coffee, would never get a takeaway coffee as thought life was too precious to be in a rush, and would always take his coffee and plate back to the counter at the cafe or restaurant.

The OG’s in the Australian coffee scene still mention these moments to me when we cross paths.

He believed we are all in this together. Doctors save us, but not without the help of nurses. And they both can’t look after us without a clean environment thanks to cleaners. Who can’t be there without builders, etc etc.

My mother did her version of meals on wheels and would deliver soup to the elderly as she didn’t believe the packaged food they were eating had enough nutrients.

They both believed in giving back for the love of humanity, not for promotional value. This was just everyday life for me, and it wasn't until I was 19 and my father had passed away that I realised this was not normal.

I’m now 35 and reflecting back on my childhood, I find myself living a very similar life to my father. Guess they say apples don’t fall far from the tree.

Stay safe, keep healthy and look after the elderly!

Love Pedro

CoffeeParts x Tummify Packs to Medical Centers 16.4.20

We wanted to reach out and say a mega thank you to all in the medical community and support teams, and especially those small medical centers who haven't been getting the donations the hospitals have attracted..

This collab was extra special as was able to do it with a close friend and founder of Tummify, Simon Microne. We thought we could help give medical centers a small pick up with a care package that includes a box of Tummify daily probiotic shot, and a coffee plunger set as well as some coffee and coffee pods. Tummify is Organic, has only 1gm of sugar, and the same performance as market-leading probiotic capsules - 35B CFU. And well coffee, coffee is life (to the coffeeparts team anyway lol).

Wishing the best of health to the medical community and all humans really!! Let's look after each other... Especially the elderly!!!

5,000 coffee pods and 2,000 Lindt Chocolates to Prince of Wales Randwick Hospital 9.4.20

5,000 coffee pods from Coffee Parts and 2,000 Lindt Chocolates on their way to the awesome humans at Prince of Wales COVID and ICU Wards.

When Chris Gray at YourEmpire reached out again and asked if we wanted to collab again to get more coffee out to hospitals, we felt honored to be able to help with 5,000 coffee pods and 2,000 chocolates.

I have a soft spot for POW. Most of my youth, after school I would head over to POW and wait for my mum to finish work and head home. She worked there for over 20 years, and many of our family friends are her colleagues from that era. So being back to give back makes me smile.

Also, thank you to Sean Hayes from Coogee Dolphins, Yvette Hayes from PellisMediSpa and Ness Pearson for donating money to help make this possible.

Next stop ... Medical Centers

5,000 coffee pods and 2,000 Kit Kats to St Vincents Hospital 3.4.20

5,000 coffee pods from Coffee Parts and 2,000 Kit Kats on their way to the Rockstars at St Vincent's ICU and to be distributed to as many other wards as possible.

We have to say a mega thank you to Chris Gray at YourEmpire who reached out and made this all possible.

The world is a global village and a village that is suffering right now, with the exponential spread of Covid19. I have massive, like seriously massive, empathy for all the nurses and doctors who are the real miracle workers here, scientists working day and night, cleaners, delivery drivers and everyone else working together to bring normality back during these times.

Also, thank you to Babak Haeri from The Investors Agency, Ian Rose from Luxury Boating, Jack Henderson from Trelease Associates for donating money to help make this possible.

Next stop ... Prince of Wales Randwick Hospital

We are all in this together

Most importantly, let's look after one another, this is a time for love and empathy. Help that elderly neighbor, be awesome, be that rockstar you are!