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PUQ Press Automatic Coffee Tamper

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Making life easier with the Puq Press

The PuqPress is the first of its kind, quite literally the worlds first automatic coffee tamper that does a perfect job of compressing your ground coffee evenly and equally every time. Designed and manufactured in the Netherlands, the Puq Press makes brewing coffee a breeze.

It all began in Delft with two brothers, one of them working at a coffee house at the central square, the other a mechanical engineer. One day they came together to discuss the following question. If everything about making the perfect espresso is all about precision, consistency and control. They discussed the importance of an automatic coffee grinder and tamper and just how imperative an even tamp is.

So if tamping plays such a big role in our final result, why are we still doing it by hand when tamp pressure can vary so much from tamp to tamp? This became certainly something an engineer from Delft could fix.

After a lot of idea's, coffee, drawings, test settings and more coffee, the first beta version was ready. Although the first design of the automatic tamper looked like something you could take to the moon, it worked like a charm. The first automated precision coffee tamper was born into the coffee industry.

It wasn't long that the first series of Puqpress was produced and sold in Delft after which the rest of Holland soon followed, then France, Germany and more countries in Europe. These days we have just released the 2nd generation Puqpress and sell in over 15 countries all over the world to happy customers.

Beginning with the puqpress q2 finding its way into commercial coffee or specialty coffee shops has now seen the puqpress mini released for our at home brewers. For everyone to enjoy.