Acaia Espresso Coffee Scales and Accessories

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Acaia lunar scales have become a key part of the coffee making process for both espresso and filter coffee. Originally founded off the back of a kickstarter campaign, this range of small digital scales have quickly become the industry standard and a common sight across speciality cafes and coffee roasters. This has been helped by the fact that Acaia scales has set a new standard for coffee scales with ultra-fast 20ms response time and a 10th of a gram sensitivity.

The ultimate goal is to brew the perfect coffee in which ever brew method you choose. And for espresso you need to have the correct weight in and out, depending on your brew rations, plus the right time and flow in the brew process. The ideal scale for this is the Acaia Lunar and a common ration is 2:1 in 30 seconds.

For making pour-over and filter coffee, the Acaia coffee scales monitors the weight, time and flow-rates as you brew coffee and you can use the app provided to bring the coffee making process to life. The ideal scale for filter coffee is the Acaia Pearl.

The Acaia coffee app provides a smart and easy way to record your coffee lifestyle, you can create a Acaia coffee brewing print, take a shot of your cup or create a coffee bean note to share it with everyone. The Acaia coffee scale connects to the app, collects the essential coffee brewing data such as coffee bean and water weight, calculate the ratio and allows you to log the coffee brewing data in the app.

There are also a range of scale accessories such as protective covers, calibration weights and beautiful cases to really look after the beautiful range available.