Latte Pro Milk Jug

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Latte Pro

Latte Pro is a new and uniquely designed milk frothing jug that does not require the use of a stick thermometer. By integrating the temperature measurement within the jug, they have removed the risk of cross-contamination of milk types and hygiene-related issues due to the reinsertion of unclean stick thermometers.

The Latte Pro is a milk jug with an integrated thermometer on both sides which provides a more responsive and accurate solution for heating milk. It’s durable, dishwasher safe and perfect for commercial, home or office use.

Adopting milk temperature standards is much easier as businesses can make a decision about which temperature is their standard, and then brief all staff on the appropriate temperature to use. Other staff and supervisors can then monitor this operationally, as the Latte Pro temperature is easily visible.