Porlex Hand Coffee and Tea Grinders

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Porlex Hand Coffee Grinder

The Porlex hand grinder is the perfect for both travel or home use on a budget. It has an all stainless steel housing making it easy to clean and reportedly less static compared to plastic models. The Porlex grinder settings can easily be adjusted to cover all coffee from Espresso to French Press grind settings.

The hand grinders are designed and made entirely in their own factory in Kagoshima Japan. Known around the world for ground-breaking coffee grinders, the specialty coffee industry has set these portable hand grinders as the benchmark for quality at the low to mid price point. With the same hard-wearing quality as the coffee grinders, they also manufacture a tea and matcha mill also uses ceramic burrs to grind any type of tea leaf down to a fine powder. The Porlex ceramic burr coffee grinder burrs wont rust, and being ceramic are easy to clean and stay sharper. It's their unique ceramic manufacturing technology produces the most precise ceramic burrs on the market. The burrs are often copied, yet Porlex still lead the way in design and quality. The factory also do not provide burrs to be used in other grinders and stamp their sets with the Porlex mark of authenticity.

A question often asked is Porlex Mini vs Tall? A huge part of the popularity of the Mini is it's compatibility with the Aeropress. It fits perfectly inside making it super easy travel combo, and common to see it called the Porlex Aeropress. It also has a rubber grip that makes grinding even easier and allows you to attach the handle to the side of the grinder housing when detached. Yet the Porlex tall hand grinder has a larger container and room to grip, so its common for home applications where portability isn't the key feature.

The Porlex coffee grinder has become synonymous with quality coffee and manual coffee grinders. If you’re looking for the perfect grinder for the coffee lover in you and pour over coffee kit, you can’t go passed the value and quality craftsmanship of Japan Porlex coffee grinder.