French Press and Coffee Plungers

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Coffee plungers or otherwise known as french press coffee makers are understated and simple devices for making coffee at home, work, or even camping. Essentially, a coffee plunger or french press consists of a cylindrical glass or stainless steel pot and a plunger with a filter screen. Brewing a cup of coffee is super easy and convenient and it requires only water and some ground coffee.

As with pour over coffee, plunger coffee brewing reveals the delicate taste nuances in some coffees that espresso brewing may overpower. This way it is possible to prepare a great coffee with minimum effort, especially as most units are easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

Aeropress have found a gap in the coffee plunger market and have delivered a cheap and versatile coffee press that delivers a quality brew for its minor price point. The aeropress has become well recognised within the coffee world.

The main secret to making good coffee, when using this a coffee plunger or press, is having the right blend, the correct amount of ground coffee beans and hot water.

Like all coffee brewing methods, fresh coffee beans and the correct sized grind is crucial. In order to ensure a high-quality grind, we recommend looking at our great range of coffee grinders which include brands such as Comandante, Hario and Timemore. Getting the right grind, especially for coffee at home, is always challenging at first. For those who can’t start their morning any differently than with a French press, here at Coffee Parts we’ve compiled the perfect page for all your French press, coffee plunger or coffee percolator needs!

We all know that delicious smell and unique taste of the French press coffee and its ability to fill your entire house or office space with those aromas. Some people fill their coffee plunger with a random amount of coffee and water and hope for the best. It’s all about following a recipe to optimise your morning cup!

Remember, there is a wide range of brewing methods outside of the well-known French press style which include Chemex , Cold Brew Coffee and the classic stove top Moka Pot - just to name a few! Scroll through Manual Brewing to discover alternative brewing techniques.

We’ve put together a ‘how to guide’ on how to make a delicious and easy recipe for you to enjoy at home. It’s easier than ever to brew with a French press, for those unsure on how to identify a quality coffee plunger from any other standard coffee percolator keep your eye out for our product reviews being released soon! Our wide range of products will make any coffee moment an experience to remember.

This is a very traditional way of brewing coffee. It has been relevant over the years and a great simplistic alternative to instant coffee. Plunger coffee makers and french press coffee makers are understated and simple devices for making coffee at home, work, or even out camping. They are very portable coffee makers which is why they are so desirable.

Essentially, a coffee plunger or french press consists of a cylindrical glass or stainless steel pot and a plunger with a filter screen.

There has been a lot of evolution in coffee plungers, with companies like Espro Coffee working on beautifully crafted double walled stainless steel coffee plungers with super filters.

What style of alternative brewing do you enjoy the most? We’ve got all your brewing styles down pat whether you prefer black coffee like an Aeropress, Syphon, Batch Brew, French press, Chemex, Pour Over, Moka Pot or something a little cooler like a Cold Brew / cold drip!

If you prefer more of a milk based beverage (absolutely) you might pair your Portable Coffee with a manual Milk Frother from our range to get you that delicious creamy morning brew! Now of course we have everything you need to make your coffee experience the best it can be including, Coffee Scales , Pour Over Stands, Filters , Manual Grinders, Gooseneck Kettles, Coffee Servers and Cupping Tools and Coffee Cups if you’re into some taste testing! For our non- coffee drinkers we have a wide variety of Tea Gear which you’ll love! Happy brewing!

What do I need to make a French press coffee?

  • French Press / coffee plunger
  • Fresh Coffee Beans
  • Grinder or just purchase freshly ground coffee if you don’t have one!
  • Scales
  • Kettle or something to boil your water

French press recipe?

  • Pre-warm French Press coffee maker with hot water
  • Grind your favourite beans
  • Brew Ratio: 1:10 (ie 15g per 150ml)
  • The grind should be as coarse as sugar
  • Slowly pour 92-degree water into the French Press coffee maker
  • Stir Slowly
  • Cover French Press
  • Brew Time: 3-Minutes
  • Slowly Press down the coffee plunger evenly
  • Serve into a pre-warmed cup
  • Enjoy your coffee!

Why French press coffee?

French press coffee tastes better because the freshly ground coffee beans are steeped within the vessel, meaning the immersion creates richer flavours and intensity. If you like your coffee intense, this is a brewing method for you.

Can I use regular coffee in my coffee plunger?

Sure thing, the French press can have any type of coffee in it. However, as per usual, we recommend freshly ground coffee to give you the best possible cup. Choose your roast type depending on taste preferences, a medium blend roast might do the trick to start.