Toddy Cold Brew Coffee Maker and Accessories

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Toddy Cold Brew Coffee Maker and Accessories

Toddy coffee makers are becoming a growing segment in our range of portable coffee makers as Cold Brew Coffee in Australia become a fashionable drink. This can be attributed to our hot summers and new found love for everything coffee, especially iced coffee. We get asked constantly how to make cold brew coffee and once people realise just how easy it is, cold brew becomes part of their daily routine. This is in part as cold brew coffee is easy to brew and store especially with the Toddy coffee maker.

The Toddy coffee maker extracts the coffee bean's true delicious flavor and eliminates much of the acidity, producing a bold, super-smooth coffee that can be served one cup at a time. This all began in 1964 when Todd Simpson, a chemical engineering graduate of Cornell, developed and patented a cold brew system that, using regular coffee beans, creates a superior-tasting cup of steaming hot coffee. With 67% less acidity than coffee made by conventional hot brew methods, the this method of coffee took off. Today, the Toddy cold coffee maker is an awesome addition to any home, office or speciality cafe this summer.

But what is Cold Brew? Brewed with cold water over the course of several hours. This methods extract different components from the beans lowering the acidity and bitterness while unmasking the smooth, naturally sweet, complex origin flavours of your favourite coffee. In summer, especially in Australia's beach culture, there nothing more refreshing than a perfectly balanced cold brew coffee.

And now how to make cold brew coffee? This process requires a coarse-ground coffee beans that are soaked in water for a prolonged period of time, usually 12 hours or more. The water is normally kept at room temperature, but chilled water can also be used. The grounds must be filtered out of the water after they have been steeped using a paper coffee filter, a fine metal sieve. The resulting coffee naturally seems sweeter due to its lower acidity and the result is a coffee concentrate that is often diluted with water or milk, and can be served hot, over ice, or blended with ice and other ingredients such as chocolate.

All in all, the Toddy is a super cheap and simple way to make cold brew coffee which can be enjoyed all year round, especially in summer!