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Rocket Fusato Home Coffee Grinders

Rocket have also a home coffee grinder, the Rocket Fusato. The Fusato grinder is amazing and built by Eureka who build some of the worlds best grinders. This has allowed Rocket to in combination with their barista accessories range, have a complete setup in matching design. We are a little biased, yet believe a Rocket Espresso home setup makes for the perfect home cafe.

On visits to the Rocket Espresso factory in Milan Italy, Pedro Lara fell in love with the brand and understood the why behind Rocket when speaking to the owner company owner Andew and Daniele. Andew and Daniele bring philosophies from opposing sides of the world into their Milan factory to make the best espresso machines they possibly can. We believe this has been a winning combination and one which will continue to grow from strength to strength. Most importantly, Pedro Lara is strongly against selling products for the sake of selling products, he loves and resonates with Andrew and Daniele's ethics and this to us is key to promoting beautiful products to a beautiful world. Rocket Espresso's passion and ethical approach, combined with an unparalleled level of bench testing, explains why Rocket is one of the best selling premium home espresso machine brands in Australia.