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Brita Water Filter

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Brita Water Filter

Water filters are a key part of both filters and espresso coffee, with extraction results directly impacted by the quality of water used. A tap water filter is at the heart of your water filter systems. Brita have specially developed tap filters for use in the food service industry such as cafe and restaurant the Brita Purity C Quell ST filter cartridges to reduce the carbonate hardness in drinking water, thereby preventing scale deposits in the appliance. The name Purity is synonymous with the highest level of product safety, simple handling and reliable drinking water optimisation for improvement of drinking water for applications involving food.

Brita filters are essential to not only reduce chlorine, tase and odur, but remove bacteria from the water. Water with a low carbonate hardness will result in the cup as very watery thin coffee, and a high carbonate hardness will result in the coffee tasting chalky. So water filters in Australia are a big part of the coffee making process.

From a machine perspective, bringing the carbonate hardness down to 100ppm with a water purifier will reduce scale built up in machines. Scale will ultimately block all areas of the machine from solenoids to flowmeters, group injectors and heads. Scales will also cover the elements and cause the element to have to work harder to keep the machine at the right temperature and pressure, and possible block the water level probe from functioning correctly.