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Syphon Coffee Makers

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Syphon Coffee Maker

Syphon Coffee, sometimes called siphon coffee, has remained a popular brewing method for a long time now for a number of reasons: aside from its beauty and the theatre of preparation it actually has a very stable and controllable temperature in the upper chamber. Made quietly, through a hot water vacuum system, the produced coffee is gentler than an espresso brew.

The coffee syphon also known as a siphon, is globally one of the most popular coffee brewing devices available, which is no surprise given its theatrical nature. It’s also not a new. The coffee syphon has existed in one form or another as far back as 1700s, a time in which international trade was set on a path of tremendous growth. Syphon Brewers deliver the theatrical beauty and precision of traditional full immersion vacuum brewing using atmospheric pressure, yet is simplified for the home, making a complex and velvety cup of coffee.

To brew you will need a Syphon coffee maker, butane burner, freshly ground coffee and water. In essence, cold water is added to the syphon's lower bowl called the bulb, and activate your heat source under the lower bulb. As the water heats up it forces the water up to the top bowl. Once in the top bowl, add your coffee, and gently but thoroughly submerge the coffee with a bamboo paddle. Let the coffee brew for one minute and then remove your syphon from its heat source and give it a stir with a bamboo paddle. Your coffee should take another minute or so to draw back down with atmospheric pressure and finally rest in the bulb. Remove the hopper and serve. Remember in order to serve the most complex cup, give the coffee some cooling time.

If you're not used to black coffee, syphon coffee might appear quite strong when you first see it in the glass but take a sip and you'll soon realise, that even if you usually order coffee with sugar, with this one, you probably won't need to.