Acme And Co Coffee Cups

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Acme Coffee Cups

Acme and Co have quickly set themselves up to be the must have specialty cups by producing a beautiful range of coffee cups to include espresso cups, latte cups, cappuccino cups, coffee mugs and cupping bowls. They have a beautiful range of cups which will complement any high end café or home setup.

This all started in 2011 by Jeff Kennedy who is NZ Specialty Coffee Association inaugural Lifetime Achievement Award recipient as well as the founder of Caffe L'AFFARE and partner Bridget Dunn, as a longstanding ambition to create the cups he had always wanted. Most importantly, the Acme Cups are the cups we personally use to drink our morning coffee here at Coffee Parts.

Acme & Co seeks to be the best retailer in its industry. Acme cups are made with care, commitment to excellence, and an attention to detail. These cups are perfectly weighted, intricately designed, and built to outlast any competitor’s product.