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Kees van der Westen Speedster

We are super biased towards the Kees van der Westen range of coffee machines, and we really do have a strong love for his work. Kees van der Westen was the favourite machine builder of Dom Laranjinha, the founder of Coffee Parts. Kees van der Westen has been producing absolutely amazing coffee machines since 1984 from his workshop in the Netherlands.

From the onset his machines were far from metal boxes, with every machine ever built being a complete work of highly functional art. Kees has channelled all of his accumulated experience into the Speedster single group home machine, which is our favourite machine to make our morning coffees from here at the Coffee Parts warehouse. The Speedster is built in limited numbers, and has become a collectors item over the years. Like many, our director has a love for Porsches, and in particular the Porsche Speedster. So as part of our private collection, we own the #911 serial ending Kees Speedster.