Clockwork Espresso Push Tamper

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Clockwork Espresso

Clockwork Espresso is the home of PUSH tamper - the world's most precise espresso tamper. Designed and manufactured in the UK with ergonomics and precision in mind. The Push tanper by Clockworks was the winner of the Speciality Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE) Excellence Award for Innovation 2016.

Push is designed to help eliminate channeling—an issue faced by many experienced baristas and espresso enthusiasts. Channeling occurs when tamping pressure causes the grinds to compress unevenly. With Push, simply apply more or less pressure with your palm, wrist, or elbow for an even tamp every time.

PUSH is a manual flat metal coffee tamper designed to be ergonomically friendly. PUSH reduces channelling and promotes a more balanced and evenly extracted espresso, eliminating avoidable variables so your coffee tastes exactly like it's meant to.

PUSH is the only manual coffee tamper that you'll ever need. We're obsessed with great coffee, which is why they've gone to great lengths to make sure our prototype was perfected before manufacturing. We want you to love it like we do.